Watch Out for Wildlife on the Jobsite!

Published on June 5, 2019
Safety is also about monitoring your surroundings for potential hazards, including wildlife. A Cashman customer recently reported encountering a Great Basin Rattlesnake (subspecies of the Western Rattlesnake), which is venomous. While the bites are not usually fatal, it will make you ill, so it’s best to avoid being bitten altogether! Please take a few minutes to review some good safety practices for dealing with snakes.
  1. Rattlesnakes are cold-blooded reptiles. They like shade when it’s hot or warm areas when they are cold. They may seek shady areas we work in, such as under pallets or boxes, piping, or mobile equipment. When the weather is cooler, rattlesnakes may seek warm areas such as truck tires, mobile equipment tracks, etc.
  2. They generally don’t like people and will normally avoid contact. However, if they encounter you and you harass them, they will defend themselves by trying to bite you. DO NOT antagonize the snake!
  3. They don’t always rattle, and may strike without warning. Be aware of your surroundings and take the necessary precautions during the warmer months.
  4. If you encounter a snake, contact your supervisor immediately for appropriate actions to be taken.
  5. Please report all sightings so your company can monitor for trends and encounters.
  6. If you are working in the brush, it is recommended that you wear taller boots for better protection.
  7. Please review this at an upcoming safety meeting. The links below have additional information you may find useful.