General Duty Undercarriage

Low Cost. Long Life.

Invest in a system that will deliver the most value for your machine. The Cat® General Duty Undercarriage is an affordable solution that maximizes your machine’s performance. For trusted service that you can depend on, enjoy complimentary inspections and support throughout the life of the undercarriage with your purchase.


Delivering Performance

Cat undercarriage is factory and field tested. Tests have shown that Cat undercarriage delivers up to 2 times the life of competitive undercarriage. Let us help you determine the best solution for your operation.

Outlasts The Competition

Because Caterpillar manufactures its own undercarriage, every component meets strict specifications and quality standards that no competitor can match. Durable, reliable components result in lower operating costs.

Designed For Your Application

Caterpillar engineers understand how application demands wear down undercarriage components. They design undercarriage as a system. Each one is built to take on specific conditions such as sand, gravel, mud and clay.

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