Technicians for North America

Technicians for North America (T4NA)

Online Schooling by Caterpillar


Are you interested in becoming or advancing as a service technician? Technicians for North America (T4NA) is a free online training program sponsored by Caterpillar. It’s possible to achieve your Certificate of Completion within 3-6 months.

The curriculum was created using courses from the Caterpillar University Global Service Technician Training program. All courses are virtual and can be taken from home. Each last between 18 minutes and 2 hours and are available in English, Spanish or French.

For vocational and existing technicians, these courses provide the basics of diesel engines, electricity, hydraulics, power train and more. The curriculum consists of 18 courses: four Introductory courses, ten Level 1 courses and four Level 2 courses. The comprehensive online program includes a lot of interactivity and animation to make learning fun!

Upon successful completion of the program, certificates can be printed out. T4NA training offers highly valuable skill development that is backed by Caterpillar, significantly improving candidacy for jobs in the auto, trucking and heavy equipment industries or for gaining entry into a leading vocational school.

Course sampling below:

Foundational Courses: Level 1
Assembly – Contamination & Parts Handling
Assembly – Hand and Power Tools
Assembly – Hand Tools
Assembly – Fasteners (Threaded)
Assembly – Lifting Devices
Assembly – Seals
Assembly – Bearings (Installation)
Assembly – Wiring Harness
Assembly – Couplings & Fittings
Personal Protective Equipment

Foundational Courses: Level 2
Engine Fundamentals
Hydraulic Fundamentals
Power Train Overview
Electrical Fundamentals

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