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Interstate Trailers At Cashman Equipment

You invested a lot in your heavy equipment. And you need a hauling solution that will transport your machines safely and reliably.

Interstate Trailers from Cashman Equipment will meet that need.

Whether you need a simple tilt deck or tilt bed trailer to haul one backhoe or a gooseneck trailer for that 938 Wheel Loader, there is an Interstate Trailer at Cashman that will work for you. Regardless of the height, weight, or width of what you need to haul, we have a tag-along trailer, tilt bed trailer, or gooseneck trailer that’s ready to accommodate your toughest payloads and get you moving.

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What Is A Tag-Along Trailer?

A tag-along trailer, also known as a drag trailer, is designed for hauling cargo. It is a trailer that connects to a ball hitch which is attached to the tow vehicle’s frame or bumper. The category includes small trailers for occasional use through large, heavy-duty trailers for commercial application.

What Is A Tiltbed Trailer?

Like tag-along trailers, tiltbed trailers attach to a ball hitch on a tow vehicle. However, unlike conventional car and equipment trailers, tilt bed trailers have a tilting deck for more easily loading and offloading heavy equipment and machinery. Tiltbed trailers come in two types: full and industrial tilt deck trailers.

What Is A Gooseneck Trailer?

The gooseneck is basically a trailer that connects to the truck using an adjustable bar or arm attached to the trailer bed. The gooseneck bar/arm may or may not be enclosed, and may be removable, fixed, hydraulic, or mechanical. It features increased stability and lessens truck sway, as its bar raises the weight of the trailer over the truck’s rear axle instead of its frame’s back.

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