Stancor Specs


Removing water from construction and mining sites is a constant challenge that requires reliable pumps and quick turnkey services. Cashman Power, as your pump provider, can offer industry-leading Stancor electric submersible pumps. Stancor manufactures a broad line of MSHA-approved, explosion-proof pumps to handle the rigors of difficult operating environments. Pumps are constructed from light-weight alloys, including extensive use of stainless steel components for longer life. Rubber clad diffusors are utilized to extend life and maintain efficiency by making field adjustments easy.  As an authorized Stancor pump provider, Cashman also provides some of the longest cable lengths in the industry and MSHA-approved controls to further maximize service life. Dewatering pumps are available in 115, 230, 460, 575 and 950 volts and are made in the USA.


• Heavy duty, cast aluminum motor housing
• Stainless steel cover, handle and discharge connection
• Standard 50′ cable
• Wear-resistant, nitrile rubber/wear plates
• Made in USA


• Mines, quarries
• Heavy duty dewatering
• MSHA approved
• Explosion proof

Model Horsepower Voltage Max Flow Max Head Discharge
P20CE – 1P/3P 1.2-1.5 hp230V/460V150 GPM58′2″
P30CE – 1P/3P3-4.6 hp230V/460V340-375 GPM68′3″
P40CE – HV6.4 hp230V/460V/3P500 GPM110′4″
P40CE – HH5 hp230V/460V/3P355 GPM102′4″
P50/S-1000 – HV10 hp230V/460V/3P878 GPM164’4″
P50/S-1000 – HH10 hp230V/460V/3P500 GPM121’4″
P60CE – HV20 hp230V/460V/3P400 GPM140’4″
P60CE – HH20 hp230V/460V/3P200 GPM300’6″
P70CE – HV30 hp230V/460V/3P1800 GPM140’4″
P70CE – HH30 hp230V/460V/3P500 GPM380’6″
P80CE – HV45 hp230V/460V/3P460 GPM190’4″
P80CE – HH45 hp230V/460V/3P190 GPM460’6″
SX7500 – HV 62 hp460V/575V/3P3800 GPM135’10"
SX7500 – HH75 hp460V/575V/3P1400 GPM330’6"