Emission Laws and My Generator

Emissions Laws & My Generator

How Can Emissions Laws Affect Me?

Purchasing a new unit assures you the latest technology and lowest emissions as well as certified Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) compliance. Older units likely will not meet current standards. This does not mean you cannot run them, but your local environmental authority having jurisdiction may limit your run hours per year, require you to add some sort of costly aftertreatment, or even disallow the unit’s use at some point in the future. Emissions compliance is the #1 challenge facing engine manufacturers in the 21st century. Be sure you know the laws in your area and comply with them. Compliance is strictly the owner’s responsibility.

Here are some links that may assist you in staying up-to-date on the emissions laws.

Nonroad Spark-Ignition (SI) over 19kW (generators, compressors, etc.)
EPA’s Emissions Standards Reference Guide