Maintenance Free Cat Batteries


Cat Batteries from Cashman Equipment set the industry standard for cold cranking amp (CCA) capabilities and maximum vibration resistance. How do we know that? Cat Batteries have been tested to ensure they meet Caterpillar specifications. After 100 hours of intensive vibration testing, Cat Batteries experienced:

  • No mechanical damage
  • No loss of electrical capacity
  • No loss of electrolytes
  • No internal or external leaks

All Cat Premium High Output Batteries are Maintenance Free, so you never need to add water. Used in machines, generator sets, trucks, cars, and golf carts, Cat Batteries are designed for reliable starting and long life. Other features include:

  • Positive and negative plates are anchored to container bottom and locked at the top of cell element for maximum vibration resistance.
  • Heavy-duty forged terminal post bushings provide maximum strength and resistance to acid seepage.
  • Hefty full-frame grids, no sharp edges, optimum acid/paste combination provides better charge acceptance after deep discharge.
  • Manifold vented cover with built-in Flame Arrestor safety feature that directs corrosive gases away from the battery and hold-downs.
  • Thick, robust container resists rugged treatment typical of heavy-duty commercial use.
  • Embossed part number and descriptors for easy serviceability.

If you have questions about any aspect of battery design, testing, performance or service life, we have the answers. Cashman will help you choose a battery that delivers reliable performance, long life and low owning and operating costs.

Contact Cashman Equipment at 800-937-2311 for more information.