Life Cycle Costing

Customized Options for Your Agency

Cashman Equipment understands that government agencies everywhere are being squeezed by falling revenues, tight budgets, and strict safety regulations. You’re being asked to do more with less, and the workload doesn’t decrease just because of the state of the economy. We understand the challenges of your industry and are ready to assist you with a multitude of considerations.

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Total Cost Bidding

When you need to keep basic services going with diminishing resources, you can’t afford surprises. The last thing you want is unexpected repairs and maintenance costs, or unforeseen downtime eating away at your operating budget. Cashman Equipment believes in providing Total Cost Bidding, in which you receive a contract with known costs and expenditures.

Life Cycle Costing (LCC)

One way Cashman can provide Total Cost Bidding is by making proposals that include a complete view of total product costs over the period of time you select. You’ll have the data you need to budget accurately, manage long-term expenditures, and reduce the risk of equipment ownership. Let us help you deliver the highest return on taxpayer dollars.

Life Cycle Costing

Rental Options

Choosing to rent equipment instead of buying can free up capital and supplement your core fleet without the up-front costs of equipment purchase. Our representatives will help you find the right machines for the job to help you eliminate storage and maintenance costs, while minimizing worry about costly depreciation.

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Convenient Financing

Your world is hectic enough – the last thing you need is hassles in equipment acquisition. Whatever your needs are, we’ll work to develop a financing solution that works for your agency. Flexible terms are offered with up to 100% financing depending on equipment and usage. We can also arrange payments to meet your needs- annual, semi-annual, quarterly, monthly or skip payments are available.

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