New Gensets vs. Used Gensets

Is a New Genset or a Used Genset Right for You?

Just like buying a car, a new genset will cost more and depreciate quite a bit at first. However, a new unit comes with full warranty and dealer support providing the most predictable overall cost of ownership. Quality used units are available, but keep in mind warranties will be limited and repair parts get harder to source over time. Most quality used units will cost 60-80% of new. If it’s really cheap and seems too good to be true, it probably is.  This particularly applies to units under 100kW.  These units typically are cheaper to replace than repair and therefore running units are offered at bargain prices because they need major work in the near future.

However, a used genset with low hours on the engine can be an excellent choice for a number of reasons. Two of the most important ones are lower initial cost and greater availability for quicker installations. This option can be the perfect solution, particularly if you purchase a used generator that had acted as a backup – utilized for short periods of time during outages – as it likely will have low hours and relatively minor issues.

One item that can be of concern is that you are not the first owner and must rely on the seller’s word as to its quality. However, at Cashman Power Solutions, we have the knowledge and expertise to carefully inspect, evaluate, repair and/or rebuild the unit if necessary. We’ll provide you with a full inspection report, alerting you to the unit’s repair and maintenance history as we know it.  Some Cat units may even be eligible for extended factory warranty.

Please feel free to contact Cashman’s Power Solutions division with any questions on what Used Gensets we have available.