Machine Inspections

TAI & TAII Machine Inspections

Have you ever gotten a physical as planned maintenance for yourself? How about getting a physical for your Cat equipment?

Cashman’s knowledgeable service technicians utilize cutting-edge, computer-aided programs to check all the vital signs of your machine inside and out. When we are done with the inspection of your equipment, the raw data is translated into a well-defined report. We offer two different inspection options.

Technical Analysis Level I (TA I)
  • Visual inspection of the upper (cab, lights), middle (engine, cooling), and lower (undercarriage, final drives) machine levels as well as implements & attachments (bucket, ripper)
  • Performance test option (cycle time, cylinder drift)
  • Comprehensive report with recommendations; pictures provided upon request
Technical Analysis Level II (TA II)
  • Detailed inspection of machine systems and components
  • A complete evaluation of pressures, temperatures, and other indicators to determine the health and condition of equipment
  • Comprehensive report with recommendations; pictures provided upon request

Machine inspections provide critical information for creating cost-saving, comprehensive preventative maintenance plans. The resulting reports will help you in scheduling repairs to avoid unplanned downtime, thus providing a lower cost per hour for your machines. Interested in doing it yourself? Learn more about the Cat Inspect App.

For more information about these services, contact Cashman Equipment’s Service department at (800) 937-2326.