Exchange Program

Cashman offers exchange components that are ready for sale and immediate installation, which minimizes repair time and maximizes your machine availability.

Exchange component pricing is based on the average cost of rebuilds of non-failed components. Failed components returned to Cashman as exchange cores will have additional charges.

Hydraulic cylinders and hydraulic pumps are sold using the component pricing plus adders type of exchange pricing.

Sale of Exchange Components

In an effort to provide our customers with a single invoice for the purchase of an exchange component, exchange components are sold via work orders. The work order could then include the R&I of the component, travel time, or freight.

Sale of Exchange Components for Warranty

The sale of an exchange component for warranty will be on a work order.

Additional Charges
  • Additional charges can mean the parts needed to recondition the component but are not included in the Exchange pricing.
  • Missing or non-Cat parts, starters, pumps, sun gears, shipping covers, etc.
  • Cores not meeting Core Criteria
  • Failed core
  • Spun bearings, cracked crank, broken parts
  • Core from an earlier model machine or one that hasn’t been updated
Core Criteria
  • Acceptable part number – Caterpillar component
  • Not visibly cracked, broken, or welded
  • Fully assembled and complete
  • Free of non-operational damage (mishandling, rust, corrosion, pitting, or fire damage)
  • Returned on Cashman Exchange component stand
  • Non-failed core

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