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Ground Engaging Tools

Rugged Cat Ground Engaging Tools (GET), such as bucket tips and edges, are designed to increase a machine's productivity and protect more expensive components like the base edge and bucket. The experts at Cashman Equipment can provide your operation with the sacrificial iron needed to get the job done effectively and efficiently.

Additional Wear Protection

Mechanically Attached Wear Plate Systems (MAWPS) can be installed on any flat or moderately curved surfaces. Wear buttons, chocky bars, roll bars, and heel shrouds are popular MAWPS choices.

Wear plates, made from Caterpillar formulated DH-2 steel, slide on to weld-on base plates and are held in place with a patented compression retainer. The low placement of that retainer allows for a greater percentage of the wear plate to be used before replacement.

A worn wear plate can be removed - without hammering or welding - in two minutes or less using a special removal tool or a common pry bar. An entire truck body lined with MAWPS can be changed in a typical four-hour scheduled preventive maintenance.

The Benefit of GET from Cashman

MACHINE PRODUCTIVITY: Choosing the proper GET for the job will improve the productivity of the machine and enable you to move more material per hour.

AVAILABILITY: With effective GET management, your machine will experience less unscheduled downtime.

MACHINE & DRIVE TRAIN LIFE: Using the correct GET will optimize ground penetration, reducing shock loads and stresses on the machine and drive train components.

FUEL EFFICIENCY: Better ground penetration reduces fuel consumption and leads to longer engine life.

LOWER GET COSTS: Over the life of a machine, you can spend from 10% to well over 100% of the initial purchase price on GET.

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