Parts Testimonials

Cat Parts Testimonials

Jaime stated that (Reno Parts Counter Associates) Karsten Daur and Glenn Bautista do a great job for him and call him back in a timely manner. He also stated that Sandy is very good to help him out with anything he needs. -Reno Customer, 5/3/16

Dennis stated that Abby Kurt (Elko Parts Counter Associate) is the best parts person in Nevada. –Reno Customer, 4/1/16

Jessica Beckstead said Abby Kurt (Elko Parts Counter Associate) was good about returning her calls quickly with parts numbers and prices. –Elko Customer, 1/5/16

Shawn stated that Carl Weber (Reno Parts Counter Associate) is amazing. He stated that whenever he calls in, he tries to get Karl because he does a good job. –Reno Customer, 1/11/16

Wally said Vanessa Robinson (Elko Parts Counter Associate) and all of the staff there are very helpful. –Elko Customer, 2/2/16

Ron said that Cashman is always there, eager to help. He added that James Freeman (North Las Vegas Parts Counter Associate) always does a good job. –Las Vegas Customer, 2/2/16