Repair Options

Hydraulic Cylinder Repair Options – Backhoes

Repair after failure is, on average, 2.5 times the cost of repair before failure.

Take your backhoe loader bucket cylinder, for example. If Cashman Equipment performs planned, pre-failure maintenance on the seals, wear rings, nuts, and springs, then light hones and paints it, it would cost around $500. If it has to be completely overhauled, adding pin bore bearings, rod replacement, and upping to medium hone, the price goes up to around $1700. And, if it can’t be repaired? You’re looking at about $4,000 for a new bucket cylinder.

The Cat Repair Options program is designed to provide longer life and maximum value over the life of your equipment. Whenever you need a repair, Cashman Equipment looks at the key factors driving it. With our detailed recommendations and quotes, you know all the options and you make the call. No band-aid fixes. No surprises.

Maybe it’s a simple fix you can do yourself. Maybe your best option is Reman, Exchange, Rebuild or New. Every situation is different. But with the right information, the options are clear.

For further peace of mind, we stand behind our equipment so you can stand behind your work. Our unmatched knowledge, support and a 12-month parts warranty help you succeed.

Advantages of Completing Planned Hydraulic Repairs

Cat hydraulic systems feature extremely tight tolerances and higher system pressures, enabling our machines to achieve higher breakout forces and unsurpassed productivity levels. Awareness and preventive maintenance are critical to ensure harmful contaminants are kept out of the hydraulic system—protecting pumps, valves and other hydraulic system components from costly damage, which can directly impact your productivity and operating costs.

Historically, 75%-85% of hydraulic system failures can be traced to contamination. Acting early on repair indicators and performing lower-level repairs discovered through historical data, inspections, condition monitoring alerts and fluid analysis results are key to keeping you up and running and avoiding costly, higher-level repairs. A damaged backhoe cylinder rod or a leaking seal can provide an entry point for harmful contaminates into your backhoe hydraulic system, causing extensive damage and resulting in catastrophic pump, motor or valve failure. Therefore, it is important to resolve issues early to prevent unplanned downtime and repair.

  • Restores productivity by ensuring faster cycle times
  • Reduces the chance of contamination by stopping dirt from entering the system
  • Protects pump, motor and valve life
  • Enhances operator control
  • Restores fuel efficiency to its optimal level, reducing your fuel costs
  • Allows you to schedule downtime, and plan for maintenance and repair costs
  • Avoids catastrophic failure

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