Condition Monitoring

Stop Unexpected Downtime

If you could take simple steps now to prevent a costly and inconvenient problem later… you would, right? That’s the main concept behind Condition Monitoring from Cashman Equipment – watch what’s going on with your machine and take preventive steps to head off expensive and unexpected equipment downtime.

Condition Monitoring is made up of five key elements – fluids analysis, electronic data (Product Link/VIMS), machine inspections, equipment history, and site conditions. By looking at all of these elements and collecting data from each, you can form comprehensive health plans for your fleet.

In many cases, condition monitoring may also be used to provide condition-based planned maintenance, which helps to reduce total lifetime fluid and filter usage, further reducing costs and environmental impacts.

Condition monitoring can ultimately provide information that helps you maximize uptime and avoid catastrophic failures. Plus, it can give maintenance more flexibility to schedule service procedures so they cause minimal disruption to production timetables. Talk to one of our Product Support Sales Representatives for additional information on getting a Condition Monitoring plan in place.