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Imagine knowing exactly where your equipment is at every moment. Think about what it would mean to your bottom line to have your finger on the pulse of your fleet’s health. How much more productive could you be with effective fleet management?

Cashman and Caterpillar would like to help you find out. Product Link is a remote monitoring solution that redefines fleet management. Through the simple VisionLink interface, you can view customized health and utilization reports, enhanced mapping, and mixed-fleet capabilities. Plus, the information can be transmitted by cell and satellite… which means you’re always in touch.

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You can examine event and diagnostic codes from every machine system while checking on working hours, idle time, fuel consumption, and more. You may be thinking, “This sounds great for my Cat equipment… but what about the other brands in my fleet?”

VisionLink is designed to allow you to view all your equipment – regardless of make. You can efficiently and safely manage your entire fleet, reducing operating costs and improving productivity in the areas of fuel consumption, maintenance, worksite productivity, and fleet logistics.

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