Productivity-Enhancing Cat Filters


High-quality filtration for your equipment provides exceptional performance by protecting your systems and lowering your costs… and Cat Filters are the best in the industry. Cat Filters are simply made better, providing consistent performance to protect your engine, drive train, and hydraulic systems. While other filter brands may fit, Cat Filters offer the outstanding performance that other brands do not.

  • One-piece, heavy-gauge can design maximizes burst pressures and minimizes leaks.
  • Acrylic beads prevent pleat bunching.
  • Spiral roving provides greater pleat stability.
  • Non-metallic (nylon) center tube and aluminum base plate prevent metal contamination.
  • Molded end caps prevent leaks.
Donaldson Filters

Cashman is also an authorized Donaldson Filter dealer. Whether you need an air filter for your pickup truck or an engine filter for your wheel loader, Cashman can supply you with the Donaldson filtration solution of your choice. From mining and construction to agriculture and trucking, Donaldson offers high-quality air, oil, lube, fuel, and crankcase filters.

Cashman Equipment stocks more than 1,700 Caterpillar and Donaldson Filters in order to bring you the best selection of filtration options. Whether you need engine oil filters, fuel filters, water fuel separators, air filters, breathers, or hydraulic filters, Cashman has the right products for your machine.

Contact a Cashman Product Support Sales Representative at (800) 937-2311 for more information.

Planned Maintenance / CVA

Customer Value Agreements (CVA) support your fleet with comprehensive planned equipment maintenance.

Lube Service

With effective planned maintenance plan, as well as proper oil, coolant, and filter services from our Lube Service technicians, your equipment will stay running at optimal performance.

Fluids Analysis

The ISO 17025 accredited Cashman Fluids Analysis lab tests oil, coolant, and fuel samples through our Oil Commander program.