All the Hardware You Need to Get It Together

When it comes to the efficient operation of your equipment, there is no such thing as a small detail. That’s why Cashman Equipment stocks Caterpillar hardware that meets or exceeds SAE Grade 8 and ISO 10.9 strength specifications. Our hardware is also made from fine grain steel that produces a more uniform microstructure for greater toughness and fracture resistance. With head heights on non-metric bolts that exceed SAE specs by 20% for a surer grip and less slip, we’re positive that Cashman has a hard-core, operator-friendly answer to all your hardware questions.

Cashman Equipment’s Parts department stocks all the hardware you need, in a wide variety of sizes with different coating options available. Our competitively priced hardware and hardware kits are exactly what you need to keep your machines running strong. Contact Cashman today for more information on:

  • High Strength Hex Head Bolts
  • 12 Point Head Bolts
  • Hex Socket Head Screw Bolts
  • Hex Head Forcing Bolts
  • Track Bolts & Split Master Link Bolts
  • High Strength Track Bolts
  • Cutting Edge Bolts
  • Coarse & Fine Thread Nuts
  • Coarse & Fine Self-Locking Nuts
  • Coarse & Fine Self-Locking Nuts with Plastic Insert
  • Coarse & Fine Hex Jam Nuts
  • Coarse Self Locking Nuts
  • Phosphate & Oil Coated or Zinc Plated Washers
  • Zinc Plated Lock Washers
  • Link Brackets
  • Track Nuts
  • Cutting Edge Nuts
  • Wing Nuts
  • Flat Head Rivets
  • Button Head Rivets
  • Blind Rivets
  • Spring Pins
  • Drawbar & Clevis Pins
  • Locking Pins
  • Cotter Pins
  • Rod Ends
  • Woodruff Keys
  • Snap Rings
  • Hose Clamps
  • Pan Head Screws
  • Round Head Screws
  • Flat Head Screws
  • Cup Point/Set Screws Screws
  • Square Head Screws
  • Taper Lock/Studs
  • Springs

Cashman also offers convenient hardware packages in technician-friendly, resealable plastic clamshell packaging, including inch and metric bolts, nuts, washers, hose clamps, cable ties, electrical fuses and cotter pins. Contact Cashman Equipment today at 800-937-2311 with any questions.