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New Cat® Skid Steer Loaders for Sale

Don’t be fooled by a skid steer loader’s small size! This compact, versatile, and maneuverable machine will provide exceptional value to any earthmoving or material handling project. Skid steer loaders can perform flawlessly in tight spots that are inaccessible to larger, bulkier machines. When combined with their deceptive power, skid steer loaders can handle a wide range of material pushing and loading tasks with maximum speed and efficiency, allowing your team to get more work done in less time.

The D-Series of Cat skid loaders offers next-level performance with increased safety and efficiency. Although they're smaller than an excavator or backhoe, these versatile machines will help you dig in tight spots. Plus, you can add different attachments to your new Cat skid loader to increase functionality and tailor it to your industry. This rugged piece of equipment allows you to get more done faster and will make a worthwhile investment for your growing fleet.

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The Features You Need

Cat D-Series skid loaders have an increase in net horsepower and torque over the older C-Series models. Two-speed capabilities, an increase in lift force, and a return-to-dig feature will help you enhance your performance. Models such as the Cat 226D Skid Steer Loader have a radial lift design with mid-lift reach and excellent digging performance. Plus, an improved engine design means you can be productive for longer without worrying about overheating.

Large Selection of Skid Steers for Sale in Nevada

If you’re looking for the best skid steer loaders in Reno, Elko, Las Vegas, or elsewhere in Nevada, look no further than Cashman Equipment. We’ve been a Cat equipment dealer since 1931, and we proudly serve the heavy machine needs of companies in NV and the Eastern Sierras region of California. We offer 10 different new Cat skid steer loader models for sale — no matter the pushing or loading task at hand, there’s a high-performing skid steer for the job.

Cat Skid Steer Loader Applications

The skid steer loader’s remarkable versatility makes it an excellent choice for the fast, efficient performance of various general construction, landscaping, agriculture, and road building and repair tasks.

Smaller models work well for landscaping, site development, and the application of final soil layers. Medium-sized loaders can take the place of backhoes or excavators in tight areas that cannot accommodate bigger equipment. Large skid steer loaders are well-suited for more demanding excavating and grading projects.

Why Choose a Cat Skid Steer Loader?

Brand-new Cat skid steers are designed, engineered, and constructed to optimize jobsite performance while including the latest safety features to protect your equipment operators. They’re equipped with advanced engine and hydraulic technologies to deliver the power, versatility, reliability, and ease-of-use you would expect from any machine bearing the legendary Cat logo.

You can also add a wide variety of work tool attachments that will maximize the performance of your skid steer, including augers, brooms, stump grinders, and wheel saws, to name just a few.

Purchasing New or Used

Cashman Equipment is also a full-service used equipment dealer serving Nevada and the Eastern Sierras. We understand that buying a used piece of equipment is a cost-effective measure in industries that are highly competitive. Purchasing a piece of equipment from Cat, whether used or new, is an investment that will improve your efficiency, make your job site safer and keep your employees comfortable in the operator station.

Buying a new Cat skid loader means superior control and comfort. Newer models have a higher degree of innovation for a smoother ride and better material retention as you transport things from site to site. You will also find lower operating costs and greater longevity with newer models that have better fuel efficiency, engine power, and no wear and tear that you could find on a used product.

All About Cashman Equipment

We are your Cat dealer in Nevada and the Eastern Sierras, serving the community for nearly 90 years. At Cashman Equipment, we feel dedicated to providing not just durable machines, but exceptional customer service and leadership. We offer sales, service, parts, rental equipment, power, and technology solutions for all different industries. We also work diligently to improve our company culture by implementing recycling programs and renewing our commitment to sustainability.

Purchasing a brand-new Cat skid loader from Cashman Equipment is an investment worth making. We'll help you find the best heavy machinery for your needs and give you expert advice on purchasing, service, rental equipment and more. Contact us today for more information or to get a free quote.

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