All Your Track Parts

Since the first track-type tractor was introduced over a century ago, Caterpillar has been behind virtually every major undercarriage improvement and innovation. As industry leaders, we realized early on that our success depended on our customers’ success; that finding new ways to lower owning and operating costs meant a better return on their investment. The ability to offer a dependable undercarriage system with the lowest cost-per-hour for virtually every type of customer continues to be what drives us today.

Maintaining that undercarriage can represent a large part of your total owning and operating expense. To keep costs down, you need to select the right system for your application, manage system wear, and plan maintenance to avoid unscheduled downtime. We are ready to assist you every step of the way to help you achieve greater productivity and lower your operation costs.

How To Measure Your Undercarriage

Our Cat-certified technicians are experts in their field. A few of the services they can perform are:

  • Reseals
  • Pin & bushing turn
  • Roller swapping
  • Idler replacement
  • Idler resurfacing
  • Track shoe regrousering
  • Onsite track service

An Undercarriage for Every Application

Delivering systems with the longest life means correctly matching the undercarriage configuration to underfoot demands. We offer a wide variety of tracks and shoes to fit the complete range of abrasion and impact levels and all underfoot conditions. To ensure maximum performance from your track-type tractor, our representative can help you select the correct track system for your specific needs and applications. The result? The highest performance at the lowest cost-per-hour.

We also work closely with Consolidated Dealer Systems Inc. (CDSi), a Cat and non-Cat undercarriage component rebuild center specializing in Abrasion Resistant Material (ARM). ARM, or the process of welding tungsten carbide to wear surfaces, significantly reduces component wear and increases the service life of your undercarriage. CDS is also capable of expert idler and roller rebuilds for Cat and non-Cat equipment.

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