Machine Rebuilds

Cat Certified Machine Rebuild

A Cat Certified Machine Rebuild completely rebuilds your machine to Caterpillar specifications from the bare frame up, and carries a warranty similar to that offered with a new machine. The rebuild changes the machine practically back to like-new condition, so it is provided with a new serial number. Customers often find the certified rebuild to be a cost-effective purchasing alternative, as the rebuild is typically 40% to 60% of the cost of a comparable new replacement unit.

Cashman Custom Machine Rebuild

A custom machine rebuild from Cashman follows Cat rebuild guidelines but may not include all Caterpillar engineering updates. However, a custom rebuild allows you to tell us what exactly what needs to be rebuilt or repaired. An excellent example of a Cashman Custom Machine Rebuild is one that may include the engine and drive axles but does not include the transmission and torque converter.

Contact Cashman Equipment’s Service department at 800-937-2326 for more information.