Stop Stressing Out Your Heavy Equipment!

Published on March 12, 2018

Did you know that you can unduly stress out your equipment? If you’re just turning on your machine and taking off, chances are that you’re putting unnecessary stress on your components. Which means you could end up putting unnecessary stress on your wallet.

Your equipment has hundreds of moving parts that work together in unison for optimal machine performance. However, that performance can be severely jeopardized by improper start up or shut down procedures. Allowing for adequate warm up and cool down time is just one vital step in eliminating undue stress on your components – something that can lead to costly, premature machine failure. After performing your daily safety inspection, we recommend you follow these start up and shut down practices to minimize undue component wear and damage.


– Allow machine to warm up per OMM
– Engage and disengage attachment controls to help speed warm-up of hydraulic components
– Cycle all controls to allow warm oil to circulate through all hydraulic cylinders and lines
– Perform steering, service brake, and parking brake operation checks (per OMM by machine model)
– Check secondary steering operation (if equipped)
– Check gauges, indicators, and action light frequently


– Park the machine on smooth level area
– Set parking brake
– Lower all hydraulic implements
– Run engine at low idle for five (5) minutes to allow engine to cool
– Turn key start switch to OFF and remove key
– Dismount machine using 3-point contact
– Block wheels and remove disconnect switch key if parking for extended period (per OMM)
– Drain water from air tank, if equipped
– Conduct post-operation walk-around inspection