PAVING NEWS: Cashman Equipment Offers New Cat CB54, CB54 XW

Published on May 7, 2009

Meeting density and smoothness specifications can often be challenging. Caterpillar designs asphalt compactors that simplify operation, yet provide versatility to perform in all types of applications. Having the right equipment and understanding its capability helps contractors meet the difficult performance requirements that are associated with today’s paving contracts. Cat asphalt compactors feature versatile vibratory systems, a powerful Cat C4.4 engine with ACERT® Technology, a reliable water spray system, and service features that offer easy access and quick reference. These machines can be used on all phases of asphalt compaction, reducing the need for a variety of rollers. They work well as breakdown or intermediate rollers because of their high compactive forces and the high pounds per linear inch (PLI) exerted by these machines. Typical applications include highways, city streets, county roads, lane additions, industrial sites, overlays, airport runways, and other production-sized paving jobs.

The new frame design provides a clear view to the drum surfaces and spray bars, allowing the operator to easily monitor water spray performance. The water spray system features a single tank, dual pumps, dual spray bars, and triple filtration that provides redundancy in the system and ensures reliable performance to keep the machine on the mat. Customers will appreciate the dual spray bar performance on polymer-modified mix designs, rubberized asphalt and other mixes that have a tendency to stick to the drums. Depending on operating conditions, the operator can now choose between single or dual spray bar operation. The CB54 XW model is equipped with 18 spray nozzles mounted over each drum, while the CB54 utilizes 14 nozzles.

Caterpillar offers versatile vibratory systems that are designed to meet density requirements in the fewest number of passes while keeping pace with the paver. Thick lifts and mix designs that consist of large aggregate and low levels of filler are normally tough to compact. The five amplitude vibratory system offers a wide range of amplitudes that apply extensive amounts of force for superior performance on thick lifts and tough mix designs. Versa Vibe is a multi-purpose, vibratory system that can handle a variety of mix designs. This system provides two, high amplitude/low frequency settings for tough superpave mix designs, and two, high frequency/low amplitude settings to match higher paving speeds. The dual amplitude/dual frequency vibratory system is similar to Versa Vibe, however the dual amplitude/dual frequency system only utilizes a single amplitude with each frequency.

The C4.4 engine with ACERT Technology provides a gross power of 102 kW (137 hp) and meets U.S. EPA Tier 3 engine emissions requirements. The powerful Cat engine is equipped with an ECM that optimizes performance on inclines and thick lifts when rolling resistance is amplified. The centered articulation hitch allows the drums to track in the same path when turning. This feature allows the operator to stay focused on the front drum when working close to obstacles, while knowing the rear drum will follow. An optional offset hitch provides up to 169 mm (6.65″) of drum offset to either side for more coverage.

Long hours of operation can take a toll on the crew, that’s why Cat engineers design operating stations that provide good control, visibility and comfort. The centralized station optimizes visibility to drum surfaces, drum edges, and both sides of the machine. Multi-position seating provides plenty of adjustments that help the operator stay focused and in control. An impact spacing/speed control dial used in conjunction with the propel lever provides a cruise control type feature that allows the operator to meet the required impact spacing to keep pace with the paver. Moving the propel lever to full forward or to full reverse allows the machine to travel at the speed determined by the adjustable dial. An adjustable auto-vibe function allows the operator to determine when the vibratory system should engage upon starting out or when changing direction. Since each job site requires its own rolling pattern, the adjustable dial on the console can easily be tailored to match compaction requirements. Adjustable mirrors (optional on CB54) mounted on the vertical drum supports greatly enhance visibility to the drum edges and job site in general. They are especially effective on the CB54 XW model, due to its wider drums.

Reducing service costs is the goal of every contractor. Cat machines are designed with durable components that last longer. The engine and machine ECMs are compatible with Cat Electronic Technician, providing quick resolution to any issues that may arise. Having quick access to components and routine service points is fundamental to Cat equipment. The hydraulic system contains grouped pressure test ports and oil sampling ports that simplify diagnostics; there is no need to break into the circuit and risk contamination. The filters for engine oil, hydraulic oil, fuel, and air are all easily accessible, while the drain ports utilize remote lines that make collection clean and easy.

New features such as the self-adjusting serpentine belt and the electrically actuated Prime Time fuel pump, and quick-connect jump start post, limit service requirements. The standard 500-hour engine oil change and the 3 year or 3000 hour vibratory bearing oil change intervals keep service costs low. Extended service intervals have a positive impact on the bottom line by maximizing uptime and minimizing oil and filter replacement costs.

The new Cat CB54 andCB54 XW Asphalt Compactors are able to meet all of your production requirements, while delivering density and smoothness targets. Comfort, performance, durability and reliability, that’s what you’ll receive from Cashman’s Caterpillar equipment.

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