Machine News: Cashman Equipment Offers New Cat 314D CR and 3

Published on May 4, 2009

The new Cat® 314D CR and 314D LCR (long undercarriage) hydraulic excavators are compact-radius models that build on the valued attributes of their C-Series predecessors with a new fuel-efficient Cat C4.2 ACERTTM engine, more hydraulic power, expanded work-tool versatility, a spacious new operator station and a new intermediate-length stick. These new 90-horsepower (67 kW), 14-metric-ton machines have the features to cut operating costs, boost production, increase machine potential and to keep operators comfortable and confident.

The compact design of the 314D CR/LCR limits tail swing over the side to 7 inches (178 mm), when using 24-inch (600 mm) shoes and standard counterweight. An optional 1,170-pound (530 kg) counterweight, which enhances digging and lifting performance, adds only 2 inches (51 mm) more. In addition, the position of the boom, near the center of the machine, reduces front swing radius. Operators work with less distraction, a plus for jobsite safety.

The new operator station, with standard air conditioning, borrows its basic design from larger Caterpillar® cabs used on standard-tail-swing models. Controls in the spacious new cab feature a system that automatically selects boom or swing priority, based on joystick movement, thus eliminating work mode and power boost switches. Automatic climate control, low effort levers and a fully adjustable seat (or available heated, air-suspension seat) keep operators at ease. A new in-cab monitor communicates in text, not codes, and does so in 28 languages.

Increased hydraulic pressure yields higher breakout forces, greater lifting capacity and more drawbar pull. In addition, three new auxiliary hydraulic control packages are available, allowing customers to tailor auxiliary system functions to specific work tool applications. To simplify auxiliary circuit installation, all required hydraulic and electrical lines are factory routed to the boom foot, and mounting blocks are in place.

Engine economy and hydraulic refinement
The new C4.2 engine complies with U.S. EPA Tier 3 and EU Stage 3A emissions regulations and offers significant potential for fuel savings. Caterpillar estimates fuel consumption for the new 314D CR/LCR models, working in typical applications, to be 5 percent less (compared with C-Series models), and as much as 10 percent less when performing light-duty applications in Economy Mode (selected via the in-cab monitor). Electronically controlled regeneration circuits save energy and fuel during boom-down and stick-in operations.

Hydraulic refinement for the new models includes the new Cat Tool Control System, which can store flow and pressure settings for as many as 10 work tools, thus making tool changes quick and efficient. A shortcut key on the console permits the operator to select a tool, and then the system automatically resets pressure, flow and flow direction.

Working efficiency and control
The new intermediate length (9.17-foot/ 2.8-meter) stick, which complements 8.17-foot (2.5-meter) and 9.83-foot (3.0-meter) versions, provides added opportunity for customers to match machine capability more closely to typical applications. The new stick also works well with the Caterpillar hydraulic Pin Grabber coupler to handle a broad range of work tools.

An optional control pattern changer is set electronically via the in-cab monitor, and an optional fine swing control precisely modulates machine rotation��”an especially valuable feature when operators must dig or lift frequently in confined spaces.

Safety, security and service
If the jobsite requires a falling object guard or windshield screen, these attachments bolt directly and easily to the cab. An optional Machine Security System uses an electronically coded key to deter theft and vandalism, or to limit machine use to specific individuals and specific times.

Prior to starting the machine, the in-cab monitor checks critical fluid levels. Service interval reminders are programmable, and an optional electronic sensor measures water volume in fuel separators. Sampling ports for hydraulic fluid, engine oil and coolant allow quick collection of reliable samples. Grease lubricated track chains extend pin and bushing life as much as 25 percent, compared with dry assemblies.

For more information about the 314D CR and 314D LCR, please contact your Cashman Equipment representative at 1.800.937.2326.

Basic Specifications for 314D CR/LCR Excavators


Engine  Cat C4.2 
Rated Power  90 hp (67 kW) 
Operating Weight(CR)*  31,747 lb (14,400 kg) 
Operating Weight(LCR)*  32,187 lb (14,600 kg) 
Max Flow (2X)  32.2 gal/min (122 l/min) 
Max Pressure, implement  4,424 psi (30,500 kPa) 
Max Dig Depth**  19ft 6in. (5,940 mm) 
Max Reach – ground level**  28ft 4in. (8,630 mm) 
Lift Capacity (15ft, ground, front)  10,800 lb (5,050 kg) 
Drawbar pull  25,402 lb (113 kN) 
Swing torque  22,825 lb-ft (30,900 N-m) 


*With 28-in. (700-mm) shoes and 8.17-ft (2.5-m) stick
**With 9.83-ft (3.0-m) stick


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