Industrial Pumps at Work: Lemmon Valley

Published on September 19, 2018

The pump division of Cashman Power Solutions worked for months on the flooding in Lemmon Valley in Washoe County last year. With streets and homes swamped by the Swan Lake overflow, the water had nowhere to go… except back into the lake with the assistance of the right pump solutions.

Washoe County struggled to find a fix for the flooding that was overtaking more than 50 homes in the valley. Cashman pump division employees spent countless hours discussing the issue, presenting pump solutions, and attending town hall meetings with the residents. Our pumps specialists knew that the combination of diesel Global Pumps and smaller electric Stancor pumps could protect the houses and streets from damaging waters.

After residents dealt with the flooding for nearly two months, Cashman Equipment was selected to provide more than 16 Global Pump and Stancor pumps which worked 24 hours a day to alleviate the flooding. Working together, Washoe County and Cashman Pump employees got the water contained so the community could begin recovery efforts. Watch Global Pumps move thousands of gallons of water per minute in this video from Lemmon Valley!