Cashman Equipment First in the Americas to Become a Cat Certified SOS Dealer

Published on June 4, 2012

Monday, June 04, 2012 (Las Vegas, Nevada) Cashman Equipment Fluids Analysis Laboratory has labored for more than four years to standardize their oil and fluids testing procedures. As a result, they have achieved international accreditations and have become the first dealership in the Americas to receive Caterpillar’s Scheduled Oil Sampling (S∙O∙S) Services Dealer certification. Approximately 30 key Cashman Equipment, Caterpillar, and customer personnel recently attended an informal celebration at the dealership’s Reno, Nevada location.

Cashman Equipment’s Fluids Analysis Lab, where the oil, coolant, and fuel from heavy and stationary equipment are tested and monitored for wear elements, contamination, and overall fluid condition, began working towards laboratory procedure standardization more than four years ago when it set out to receive ISO 17025 accreditation. ISO certification is an internationally recognized standard ensuring consistently accurate equipment calibration methods, sample test processes, data collection, and reporting follow standard operating procedures in a fluids analysis lab.

Having received their three year ISO 17025 certification in 2009, the company set out re-accredited for another three years while also embarking on their journey to receive Caterpillar’s stringent S∙O∙S Services Dealer certification. Cat’s requirements include rigorous standardization of instrumentation, procedures, training, and metrics. These standards contribute to Caterpillar’s ultimate goal of guaranteeing that any customer worldwide can utilize a Caterpillar dealer lab and always receive high-quality, consistent fluids testing. In March of this year, Cashman Equipment completed all requirements and became the first dealership in North and South America to be certified.

To commemorate this labor-intensive achievement, Cashman Equipment hosted an informal celebration in their Reno offices where the Fluids Analysis Lab is located. MaryKaye Cashman (Chairman and CEO), Mike Pack (President and COO), David Griffin (Technical Services General Manager), Parker Quinn (Technical Services Supervisor), and Robin DeVisser (Fluids Analysis Lab Manager) were in attendance, along with all Fluids Analysis Lab employees. They were joined by Caterpillar personnel Tom Bucklar (Cat Condition Monitoring and Site Technology Manager), Tom DeVenney (Cat S∙O∙S Services Supervisor), and Dana Franklin (S∙O∙S Services Coordinator).

“Your lab’s achievement goes a long way in setting the standards for all Cat dealerships,” said Bucklar while presenting Cashman Equipment with a commemorative plaque. “Thank you for your leadership and for ultimately providing better uptime to the customer.”

Bucklar’s comments were echoed by Franklin, who worked closely with DeVisser and the Lab throughout the process. “This achievement shows Cashman’s dedication to providing quality and excellence to their customers,” said Franklin. These statements were heartily appreciated by all attendees, particularly the Newmont USA Limited Nevada Fluids Management Division team who encouraged Cashman Equipment throughout the four year journey.

Cashman president Pack thanked Newmont for their assistance in driving us to be better, and then centered his other remarks on the employees. “You – our Fluids Analysis people – are the ones who made this achievement happen. You should all be very proud of yourselves.” He went on to mention that these certifications have inspired the company to begin researching ISO 9001 accreditation for their service areas as well.

Cashman Equipment is the first dealer in the Americas, and the second worldwide, to meet the stringent S∙O∙S Laboratory and Dealership Key Performance Indicators defined by the Caterpillar S∙O∙S Services Continuous Improvement standard. As a result of this Standardization initiative, Cashman Equipment’s Fluids Analysis Lab implemented strategies for red alert follow-up which results in increased customer communication and decreased potential for serious problems with the customer’s heavy equipment.

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