Technician Apprentice Program

What’s Better About Becoming An Apprentice Technician?

Did you know diesel mechanics can make up to $100,000 a year? Tractors are always going to need to be fixed. Becoming a Cat mechanic is a stable, invigorating, and profitable career. If you’ve got one year and an aptitude for repairs, we’ve got an Apprenticeship Program that will give you exactly what you’re looking for.

In order to qualify for our apprentice technician program all applicants will need to pass the following tests:

Service Mechanic Apparatus Test:

This apparatus test has been developed by Caterpillar to be used to better identify individuals who have the aptitude to become service mechanics. It is a hands-on test in which the applicant assembles a piece of equipment from a drawing. The skills that must be demonstrated in order to accomplish this test successfully include; technical drawing recognition, component assembly / disassembly recall, use of hand tools, and time management. This test helps identify those applicants who have the greatest talent for being successful service technicians. (1 hour)

Technical Skills Assessment:

This test is intended as a tool to identify training needs for mechanics who have formal mechanical training or on-the job training. It’s also an initial assessment for entry level mechanics with little or no prior experience. This online test consists of multiple choice questions and is timed. The evaluation will include a review of results with the participant. (2 hours)

Subjects covered in these tests may include safety, engine systems, measuring tools, hydraulic systems, electrical systems, powertrain systems, failure analysis, air conditioning, and information systems.

If these tests indicate a strong aptitude, you’ll be spending the next year learning how to be a Caterpillar Diesel Mechanic.

We also offer training for experienced men and women from “like industries” such as Cummins, Ford, etc., and seasoned mechanics who just need a few refresher courses. Read more here.

We have ongoing job openings. To explore all roles, visit our Careers page.