New Technician Development Program

Why Mechanics Move To Cashman

Our mechanics get better training here at Cashman Equipment. There is an entire division of our Training department dedicated to technical training for mechanics – whether they are brand new apprentices, knowledgeable men and women from “like industries” such as Cummins, Ford, etc., or experienced mechanics who just need a few refresher courses.

At the heart of our technical training program is our New Technician Development Program (NTDP). This “carousel” style training is a non-linear training program – mechanics can “hop on and hop off” to receive the training they need rather than be stuck taking classes they are already experienced in.

How do we know what our new mechanics are experienced in? We have a comprehensive online skills assessment program developed by Caterpillar to assist our Training department in determining the employee’s technical training needs. Then an Individual Learning Plan (ILP) is developed… and away you go!

Why do we do this? Because we believe that our people are our greatest asset. We want to help our employees develop their skills to the highest levels, to both their benefit and Cashman’s. Together, we will get the job done!

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Note: Brand new apprentices have their own specialized program at Cashman. Read about it here.