Cashman Launches First BIM Model Library for Generators

Published on March 22, 2011

Tuesday, March 22, 2011 (Las Vegas, Nevada) Cashman Equipment Power Solutions has become the first company worldwide to offer comprehensive Building Information Models (BIM) for generators. While other sections of the construction industry have developed BIM Models for various pieces of equipment such as air handlers and electrical boxes, Cashman has built the first BIM Model Library for generators.

Because generators touch so many building systems, they are included in virtually every set of construction blueprints – architectural, mechanical, structural, electrical, acoustics, and fire alarm systems. Prior to BIM Modeling, each set of blueprints would be altered individually and sent to the architect to be compiled. However, that manual drafting process almost always created costly problems during actual construction. For example, if the radiator airflow accommodations were not properly taken into account, expensive changes to the entire building design (i.e., exterior ventilation) would have to be made during construction – costing more money than budgeted, taking more time than scheduled, and possibly affecting the architectural appearance of the building.

BIM Models reduce errors, omissions, risks, and liabilities through three-dimensional, building information modeling software. By effectively bridging the building planning process for architects, engineers, construction companies, and owners with centralized BIM software, clear and concise information is shared with everyone involved in the project prior to breaking ground. This integrated building process streamlines the construction phase, creating a single cohesive design that can prevent costly last-minute change orders on the job.

“Our new BIM Models for Generators will drastically simplify the design and building process. Everyone involved with a new facility will save both time and money by utilizing BIM Modeling during the design and construction, said Keith Lozeau, Cashman Power Solutions’ Sales and Rental Manager. Lozeau is confident that the BIM Models, thoroughly tested for accuracy and relevance by a professional Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing (MEP) Engineering firm, will provide significant benefits to customers.