7 Benefits of Cat® Mini Excavators

Published on August 26, 2020

Cat® mini excavators are the gold standard across many industries for a reason. They offer superior performance and versatility, allowing operators to complete tough jobs quickly. Their size is perfect for smaller work sites and allows workers to maneuver through tight spaces with ease.

Before you invest in this heavy-duty machinery, learn more about common uses for a mini excavator and their many benefits.

Top Uses for Mini Excavators

Mini excavators are widely used by construction professionals, contractors, and landscapers alike. They’re popular due to the many ways they can be used, helping to dig and conduct a variety of earthmoving tasks. If you’re thinking about checking out mini excavators, take a moment to learn about their top applications:

  • Patios and decks: Mini excavators are a popular choice for contractors and individuals looking to build patios and decks. The precise leveling of mini excavators is ideal for the leveling process before you begin building the deck. The machine can also pick up heavy pieces of lumber and metal, transporting them to various locations with ease.
  • Landscaping: When you need to do a landscaping job for a residential area or office park, you’ll likely want to go with a mini excavator. They’re usually light enough not to harm the ground they drive over and can accomplish a variety of earthmoving tasks.
  • Pool building: Pools are some of the most popular additions to homes, especially in areas that stay warm for much of the year. Mini excavators can be used to dig the hole needed for the pool. Since mini excavators are smaller, they can fit in most residential backyards.
  • Irrigation systems: Since mini excavators are primarily built for digging, they’re ideal for constructing irrigation systems. You can quickly dig the needed trenches for the system with a mini excavator.
  • Sewer line repair: When a sewer line needs to be repaired, mini excavators are an appropriate choice. As long as you don’t have to dig too far down, they can clear the dirt surrounding the line to give repair professionals access to the sewer line.
  • Snowplowing: One of the uses for a mini excavator is removing snow and ice from roads and work sites. You can place a blade attachment on the mini excavator to easily move snow. You’ll just have to keep an eye on your traction since icy conditions can cause the excavator to lose its tracks.
  • Water features: Ponds, waterfalls, and fountains are all popular additions to residential areas and office grounds. Mini excavators can help you dig deep trenches for pipes and electrical lines. They can also be used for leveling the ground surrounding the water features.

7 Benefits of Cat Mini Excavators

As you can see, mini excavators are versatile and can be used for several types of jobs. In addition to their versatility, they have many other advantages that make them the preferred equipment for a variety of individuals and companies. Cat mini excavators are especially impressive, combining all the advantages of mini excavators with the superior engineering of Cat machinery.

Some of the top benefits of using a mini excavator include:

1. Tight Navigation Capabilities

Cat mini excavators are compact and able to fit in yards and work sites where space is limited. A larger excavator may not fit on the work site, or it can be difficult to operate when there’s little room. A mini excavator can ensure a project isn’t slowed down due to a larger excavator not being able to rotate and turn efficiently.

2. Reduced Noise Pollution

A larger excavator can emit a lot of noise when you use it. The louder the machine, the more noise pollution it’s going to produce. If you’re working in a public place or residential area, a quieter machine can be a requirement. Due to a mini excavator’s small size, it’s perfect for jobs that require a quieter machine.

3. Easy Transportation

Cat mini excavators are lighter and smaller than regular excavators, making it easy for companies to transport them from one location to another. They don’t require large specialty vehicles to move them, as they can often be trailered behind a standard truck.

4. Cost-Effectiveness

One of the top advantages of mini excavators is that they’re often less costly to purchase and rent than standard excavators. They also use less fuel, causing you to save on fuel costs. Additionally, they may not require operators to have special permits or commercial driver’s licenses to drive and transport on highways. Cat Next Generation mini excavators are so cost-effective, they reduce total ownership costs by 15% compared to earlier models.

5. Simple Operation

Compared to standard excavators, mini excavators are easier to operate. Their simple operation is one of the main advantages of using a mini excavator since you can quickly train staff to operate the machine. The training can be quick, and your staff should be able to drive and use the machine exactly as needed.

6. Exceptional Performance

Cat mini excavators are designed to exceed expectations. They offer reliable performance and have the power needed to handle the toughest jobs. They weigh between 2,000 pounds and 8,000 pounds and offer superior handling and strength. These machines are built with exceptional engineering, so you can be confident they’ll last a long time.

7. Versatility

Need a machine for a variety of jobs? Cat mini excavators should be your choice. One of the primary benefits of mini excavators is their functionality with several work tool attachments. Cat mini excavators are compatible with many attachments, such as buckets and hammers. You can also expect to easily swap out attachments to help you transition between applications quickly.

Mini Excavator Attachments and Parts

Cashman Equipment is a premier supplier of Cat mini excavators, and our inventory includes many attachments to help you complete specialty jobs. You can find everything from buckets and blades to hammers and forks on our site. Our customers love the many attachments we provide, making us their one-stop destination for all their Cat equipment.

We also stock a variety of parts to give you the support you need to repair machinery. You can find a vast inventory of parts online, and we’re proud to provide customers with expert assistance in finding used parts. Our 24-hour emergency service gives you peace of mind that you can always get your machinery up and running as fast as possible.

Choose Cashman Equipment for All Your Mini Excavator Needs

View all the Cat mini excavator models for sale or rent to find an option that fits your project. If you have any questions, contact us for more information about Cat mini excavators or visit one of our convenient locations to speak with someone in person.