Standard Tridem Trailer

Product description
  • Lowest center of gravity on the market – Sits 30 inches off the ground for better stability on the road and on the job, and capable of dumping materials farther than the competition.
  • 50° dump angle – Two-way hydraulics provide quick and safe release of materials from a straight side, leaving a cleaner tub.
  • 5 ½ inch hydraulic cylinders – Durable and powerful design to help control dump angle and weight of materials.
  • Made with Domex/Strenx 100XF Steel – Strong yet flexible steel is designed to last for longer life.

Standard Tridem Trailer Specs

Standard Tridem Trailer
  • Trailer weight: 18,220 lbs.
  • 42′ 6″ frame
  • Three axles with liftable rear axle
Standard Models

Moving large volumes of materials is made easy. We offer four standard models of SDI side dump trailers with custom configurations available. Side dump technology is designed for ease of operation with better stability and material handling. All trailers have tarp-ready tubs with a maximum capacity of up to 28 ft.3 of materials or up to 23 ft.3 of liquids.