Cashman’s Employee Training Program

Part of wanting a better job is to better yourself in general, right? Cashman Equipment has an entire department dedicated to training, so you have all the support you need to succeed here at Cashman.
How do we do that? With…

Orientation Training

What’s the best way to learn about Cashman? Get immersed in the culture on Day 1! All new hires at Cashman attend orientation where they learn about our history, our culture, and our five-year strategy. New employees are introduced to our Road to Zero Safety program and Best CX (customer experience) culture so they see, first hand, who we are, and what we do.

Best CX Training

Approximately 90 days after attending orientation, new employees attend Best CX, a full day of training around creating experiences for our customers that help them feel Secure – Appreciated – Effortless when doing business with us. Dealing with internal and external customers in this way is what drives customer loyalty and builds and maintains relationships for years to come.

Technical Training (NTDP And TCDP)

Our Technical Trainers work with technicians and their leadership teams to create a personalized Individual Learning Plan (ILP) for each participant. New technicians, those new to Cashman and those who transfer in to the Service department, are welcomed into the New Technician Development Program. NTDP provides the fundamental training to set them up for success. Experienced technicians at Cashman participate in the Technician Career Development Process (TCDP) to identify the skills and experiences they need to reach their career goals and our business needs.

Leadership Training

Great leaders know that to be the best requires being a lifelong learner. Our leaders attend classes on multiple topics from communication to time management. All Supervisors, Managers, and Executives are given the opportunity to expand their current skills, and refine their existing ones, through a variety of different learning experiences including live trainings, online learning, book clubs, lunch n’ learns, and more.

Computer Skills Training

All employees are invited to attend computer skills training. Want to learn how to create a spreadsheet, use pivot tables, or do a V-Lookup? We have Excel classes you can register for. Interested in creating better documents, using different fonts, and creating more professional reports? Sign up for a Word class. Need help managing your inbox, setting up out-of-office notifications, and using meeting requests? Look for an upcoming Outlook class.

All Employee Training

There are over 300 online courses available to all employees in the Cashman Learning Center. With topics including assertiveness, accounting, communication, prioritizing, and leadership, there’s something for everyone. These classes are FREE and can be taken with the approval of an employee’s manager or supervisor.