PPE Reimbursement

Personal Protective Equipment Reimbursement

Safety Shoe Reimbursement

To provide a safe work environment for employees who work in locations with a high risk of foot and toe injuries from heavy objects, we reimburse employees who are required to wear steel toe safety shoes for the cost of their safety shoes, at a rate of up to $125.00 once each twelve (12) month period. If you purchase a pair of safety shoes that cost more than $125.00, the Company will reimburse you for the excess in each subsequent twelve month period at the lower of (a) the difference between the purchase price and the amount previously reimbursed for such shoes and (b) $125.00.

If the purchase price of the safety shoe exceeds $125.00, the eligible employee will be able to resubmit their original invoice/receipt or copy of the original invoice/receipt on an Expense Reimbursement Form each year to recoup $125.00 per year until they reach the purchase price. For example, boots cost $249.00. Reimbursement for year one will be $125.00. Year two will be $124.00. The eligible employee and their manager will be responsible for accurately requesting the reimbursement amount each year.

The Company credit card is NOT to be used for purchases of safety shoes. Any safety shoe purchases on a Company credit card will be considered a personal expense and the funds will come out of your paycheck. Employees who are not required to wear safety shoes on a day-to-day basis, but do need them from time to time, will be reimbursed the actual cost of the safety shoes, not to exceed $125.00, once every three years.

New hires will be eligible for reimbursement after completion of three (3) months of continuous employment.

Safety Glasses Reimbursement

We provide safety glasses for all employees who work in areas designated as high risk for potential eye injuries. We provide safety glasses at the entrances of such designated areas for visitors and employees who are not assigned to such designated areas.

Additionally, we provide Safety Eyeglasses Vouchers toward the purchase of safety glasses with prescription lenses to employees after (90) days of continuous service.

Employees are then eligible to receive a voucher for replacement frames and/or replacement lenses every 12 months. Employees are eligible to receive Safety Eyeglasses Vouchers toward the purchase of replacement prescription lenses for safety glasses after every six (6) months of continuous employment if such lenses are pitted or in any way obstructing eyesight.

Employees may only redeem Safety Eyeglasses Vouchers at an approved provider within the dispensing network. Approved providers will direct bill our company for approved safety glasses, replacement frames and/or replacement lenses. Employees will be responsible for payment of any add-ons or upgrades in excess of the amount of their Safety Eyeglasses Vouchers at the time of purchase.