Cat Reman

Cat® Reman Parts

Revitalize your equipment with same-as-new remanufactured parts. Cat Reman is not a repair, rebuild or retrofit. It is a reconditioning of existing parts for a fraction-of-new price. End of life parts are restored by certified technicians to reclaim the potential of your entire machine.

How Cat Reman Works

Used parts, also known as cores, can be returned to Caterpillar for remanufacturing. These components are inspected for salvageable parts that are reassembled, tested and re-entered into the supply chain as a Cat Reman product. Each Cat Reman part is reconditioned using the product’s original OEM specifications with the latest engineering updates and genuine Cat parts.

Cat Reman Components Include:

  • Air systems
  • Cooling systems
  • Drivetrains
  • Electronics
  • Engine components
  • Fuel systems
  • Hydraulics

Cat Reman Benefits:

  • Covered by a 12-month Caterpillar warranty
  • Shipped directly to you or ready for pickup at a nearby Cashman location
  • Provides positive performance-to-cost ratio at 60% less than new parts
  • Sustainable method that reduces waste and minimizes the need for raw materials
  • Quick availability

Exchange Program

A convenient exchange model offers customers credit for used core in return for a Cat Reman part. That means it’s ready to install, so you can return to work. The exchange program helps to lower owning and operating costs while reducing downtime.

12-Month Warranty

The same-as-new features of Cat Reman products extend to the coverage provided by Caterpillar. All Cat Reman parts receive the same protection as new components with our 12-month warranty. This covers material defects, workmanship and resultant damage.

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