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Cat?� C9.3B Industrial Power Unit

Product description

The Cat?� C9.3B IPU configuration not only provides the flexibility andoptions found on a standard industrial engine, but also comes fittedwith air filter and mounting, an integrated cooling system with airand coolant lines, and full wire harnessing with an engine-mountedECM

Power Rating
  • Maximum Power - 416HP
  • Rated Speed - 1800-2200 rpm
  • Minimum Power - 308HP
Emission Standards
  • Emissions - Brazil MAR-1, UN R96 Stage IIIA
  • Engine Configuration - Inline 6, 4-Stroke-Cycle-Diesel
  • Bore - 4.5in
  • Stroke - 5.9in
  • Displacement - 567.5in³
  • Compression Ratio - 16.5:1
  • Aspiration - Turbocharged Aftercooled (TA)
  • Rotation from Flywheel End - Counterclockwise
Power Unit Dimensions
  • Length - 83in
  • Width - 43in
  • Height - 63in
  • Weight - 3265lb
Standard Equipment:
  • Air Inlet System
    • Turbocharged
    • Air-to-Air Aftercooled
    • Mid-mount turbocharged system with front and rear exhaust configurations (Tier 4 Final, Stage IV)
  • Control System
    • Electronic control system
    • Over-foam wiring harness
    • Automatic altitude compensation
    • Power compensated for fuel temperature
    • Configurable software features
    • Engine monitoring system SAE J1939 broadcast and control
    • Integrated Electronic Control Unit (ECU)
    • Remote fan control
  • Cooling System
    • Vertical or RH thermostat outlet
    • Centrifugal water pump
    • Guidance on cooling system design available through your dealer to ensure equipment reliability
  • Flywheels And Flywheel Housing
    • Dual rear PTO configuration
    • Available SAE No. 1 power take off with optional SAE B or SAE C power take off drives. Engine power can also be taken from the front of the engine with optional attachments.
  • Fuel System
    • Electronic high pressure common rail
    • Primary fuel filter
    • Secondary fuel filters
    • Fuel transfer pump
    • Electronic fuel priming
  • Lube System
    • Oil cooler
    • Oil filler
    • Lube oil filter
    • Oil dipstick
    • Gear driven oil pump
    • Choice of front, rear or center sumps
  • Power Take Off (pto)
    • SAE B or SAE C power take off (PTO) drives. Engine power can also be taken from the front of the engine on some applications.
  • General
    • Vibration damper
    • Lifting eyes
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