8750 Dragline

Product description

Cat® draglines offer the lowest material removal cost per ton, consume less power and emit fewer greenhouse gases than other methods of overburden removal, making them the most productive and environmentally friendly excavators in the industry. The Cat® 8750 is our flagship model. It’s the first dragline of any kind to be successfully equipped with AC IGBT drive systems — a superior technology developed for the sole purpose of making your loading operations more productive, predictable and safe. And like all Cat draglines, the 8750 is supported by a team with a century of experience, institutional knowledge and unmatched expertise.

  • Bucket Capability - 76-116 m3 (100-152 yd3)
  • Boom Length - 109.7-132.5 m (360-435 ft)
  • Working Weight - Approximate - 5.8-7.5 million kg (13.1-15.9 million lb)
Dimensions - Working Ranges
  • Boom Lengths - 109.7-132.5 m (360-435 ft)
  • Bucket Capabilities - 76-116 m3 (100-152 yd3)
  • Rated Suspended Load - 226,800-344,736 kg (500,000-760,000 lb)
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