Standard Tandem Trailer

Product description
  • Lowest center of gravity on the market – Sits 30 inches off the ground for better stability on the road and on the job, and capable of dumping materials farther than the competition.
  • 50° dump angle – Two-way hydraulics provide quick and safe release of materials from a straight side, leaving a cleaner tub.
  • 5 ½ inch hydraulic cylinders – Durable and powerful design to help control dump angle and weight of materials.
  • Made with Domex/Strenx 100XF Steel – Strong yet flexible steel is designed to last for longer life.

Standard Tandem Trailer Specs

Standard Tandem Trailer
  • Trailer weight: 15,940 lbs.
  • 39’ 8” frame
  • Two axles
  • Choice of suspension
  • Suits State of California regulations

All trailers have tarp-ready tubs with a maximum capacity of up to 28 ft.3 of materials or up to 23 ft.3 of liquids.