Product description

The Getman A64 HD Water Cannon is designed specifically to address the dangerous task of clearing draw points. Operator safety is a top priority, and the Water Cannon HD utilizes several key design features to keep operators safe. This new heavy-duty, high-pressure, and high-volume unit touts a 6 m (20 ft) horizontal boom reach with a rotating nozzle. Perfectly suited for angling the spray up and into blocked draw points, the Water Cannon delivers a high volume of water when and where it is needed.

This machine is a drawpoint workhorse in a block cave mine, with a specific job to do. Critical components are built to safely break away, ensuring that damage to high-risk parts can easily and quickly be replaced. Standard options include a tele-remote system that allows the machine to be positioned and operated at a safe distance. Overall, the A64 HD Water Cannon improves productivity within hours instead of days, increases first-pass success rates, and minimizes personnel risk.

  • Full tele-remote operation from the cab
  • 6 m (20 ft) horizontal boom extension with break-away nozzle
  • 6,800 (1,796 gal) tank capacity