Product description

Getman Mechanical Scalers are a key component of maintaining safe and productive working environments in underground operations, performing the necessary task of scaling safely and effectively through a purpose-built design philosophy.  Mechanical scaling is the safest way to bring down loose material from back and rib surfaces.

Scaler components include an operator compartment removed from the scaling area at the far rear of the machine. The optimized line of sight to the scaling area improves visibility and operational effectiveness, while the cabin is rubber-mounted onto the chassis to reduce vibration transfer to the operator.

Getman’s S3120 Mechanical Scaler offers a rotating seat for improved operator visibility, with stabilizer blades as a standard feature. The 3120 has an optimal roof scaling coverage range of 10 ft to 23 ft (3 m to 7 m) and an optimal rib scaling coverage range from 5.5 ft to 23 ft (1.6 m to 7 m).  The single extension boom allows an advance over 13 ft (4 m ) from a single setup, while the independently slewing boom allows for scaling in narrow mine sections.

  • Optimal Roof Scaling Range: 10 ft to 23 ft (3 m to 7 m)
  • Optimal Rib Scaling Range: 5.5 ft to 23 ft (1.6 m to 7 m)
  • Maximum Reach: 29.5 ft (9 m)
  • Offer a rotating seat for improved operator visibility
  • Stabilizer blades are standard