Cat Mini Excavators

Cat Mini Excavators Fit Your Backyard, Business & Budget

Our smallest mini excavators – those weighing less than three (3) tons – are the perfect solution for landscaping, utility, and construction projects where you have a limited amount of space or the access points are very narrow. With widths as small as 28 inches, Cat Mini Excavators are compact enough to fit where you need them, but powerful enough to get the job done on time and on budget.

All Models Available

Watch the videos below and see Cat Mini Excavators crush to-do lists, even in tight spaces. Available models include 300.9D, 300.9D VPS & HPU300, 301.5, 301.7 CR, 301.8, 302 CR, 302.7 CR303 CR, 303.5 CR, 304, 305 CR, 306 CR, 307.5, 308 CR, 308 CR VAB, 309 CR, 309 CR VAB, and 310.


Regardless of the size, Caterpillar designs machines to last. Cat Mini Excavators are no exception. These machines provide reliable performance, day in and day out, easily handling even the toughest jobs. Because these mini excavators only weigh 2000 to 8000 pounds, they can be taken from jobsite to jobsite with little to no hassle. Our Next Generation Mini Excavators also lower the total ownership costs by 15% when compared to previous models and deliver up to 20% more performance compared to the competition.


Cat Mini Excavators have a variety of work tool attachment options, such as buckets, hammers and more. That means one mini excavator turns into a virtual fleet of machines for your business. And because the Cat Mini Excavators have been designed with the customer in mind, the work tool attachments are easy to switch in and out between applications.


Using the convenient daily maintenance checkpoints on your mini excavator ensures it’s in prime condition to complete any task. Engine and hydraulic hoods are simple to open and offer outstanding visibility and convenience to check points. 500 hour engine oil and filter change periods reduce operating costs and machine downtime. Easy access to the engine oil check and fill, vertically mounted engine oil filter, starter motor and alternator, as well as the radiator and oil cooler all result in simplified cleaning and reduced maintenance times.

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