Product Link Videos

New Cat® Product Link Intro Video

The All-New product link includes product systems that have gone through extensive validation and development over the past few years.  Vision Link web interface allows you to gather information on equipment status and maximize your uptime with ease.

Maximizing O&O

Using the new Product Link system allows a busy job site to work at maximum capacity. Hard data gathered directly from the machines remotely can help you deliver the best results. Dashboards in the Vision link hub can quickly show data about fuel levels, idle times, and other critical metrics for utilization each day. Vision Link also allows you to view groups of assets and machines across an entire fleet in order to adjust and change your equipment ratios to maximize utilization time.

Setting Job Site Boundaries

It can be a challenge to keep track of every machine on a large job site. Product Link equipment allows the construction of Geo-Fences and develops boundaries that alert the system when equipment goes where it should not. You can set up custom Cat Product Link Alerts to send an email or text to specific users that need this information. Making the most of your day and your equipment’s use cycles is something that can be easily achieved with a Job Site Boundary in the Cat Product Link Suite.

Customized Alerts

Custom Alerts for relevant information is something that Cat Product Link is built for. Using the online Vision Link system allows people to see the notifications that are important to them. Getting ahead on pressure, temperature, or other warnings allow fleet operators or small businesses to save money and give assets the attention they need.

Parts & Solutions

When you need parts for your equipment, Cat Product Link is there to help. Quality Cat® Dealer parts from Cashman can be directly ordered or scheduled from the Cat Vision Link web interface. It also includes a service checklist that helps with scheduled repairs and inspections. Routine orders can even be automated from your local Cashman Cat dealer so that you save time and are prepared for any equipment mechanical event.