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Customer Service Agreements (CSA)

Cat Quality.
Superior Service.
Advantage You.

 On the jobsite, you need every advantage. That’s what you get with a Customer Service Agreement (CSA) from Cashman Equipment. When you pair Cat quality products with Cashman certified service, you can’t lose. Other advantages include:

• Caterpillar-Certified Technicians
• Convenient Scheduled Downtime
• Fixed Pricing On Parts & Labor
• High-Tech Fluids Testing via Cat-Certified Lab

What Is A CSA?

A CSA is any arrangement between you and Cashman that helps you lower your cost per unit of production. Agreements are tailored to fit your business needs and can range from simple Preventive Maintenance Kits to sophisticated Total Cost Performance Guarantees. No matter which option you choose, you can be assured that Cashman will provide you with careful planning and ongoing attention that will help you succeed.

There are no pre-set requirements or specific products and services that you must agree to buy with a CSA. In every case and with every piece of equipment, a CSA is an individualized plan. Depending on your needs, your costs can be a flat rate monthly fee or some other arrangement based on actual production hours. Your agreement may include as few or as many pieces of equipment as you wish. You can cover individual systems, single pieces of equipment, or entire fleets. Cashman will work with you to determine the best strategies to maximize productivity and minimize costs for both your Cat and non-Cat equipment.

A Partnership That Gets More Done.

In the end, a CSA is a partnership between you and Cashman Equipment that helps you succeed by leveraging the equipment management expertise of an 85+ year old company, who is backed by Caterpillar. When you and Cashman team up with a CSA, you get more than just a piece of Cat iron, you get the company.

A Variety of Flexible Options

How you operate, where you work, and the extent of your service capabilities are among the variables that will determine the type of CSA that is right for you. The following are a few of the more common options. 

Machine and Engine Preventive Maintenance Agreements

Effective equipment management is one of the most important keys to maximum productivity and minimum costs.

If you cannot make it a priority with your existing resources, consider the management experts at Cashman Equipment.

• This includes on-site preventive maintenance services performed to factory specifications.
• Trained technicians with extensive equipment knowledge inspect and maintain your equipment.
• Reports provide additional indicators that should be addressed to prevent costly repairs.
• Cashman Fluid Analysis laboratory is ISO 17025 certified and Caterpillar and factory-trained interpreters maximize equipment life by evaluating trends in oil condition and component wear.

Machine Hydraulic Service

Hydraulic system management lowers costs and raises machine productivity and availability. The focus is on three areas:

• Contamination Control — More than 70% of hydraulic component failures can be traced to some type of contamination. Expert diagnostics and inspections can detect problems long before your operators can.
• Fluid Analysis – A Cashman interpreter in our ISO 17025 accredited and Cat certified laboratory provides expert analysis of component wear rates and makes recommendations.
• Technical Inspections — Visual checks, plus performance and diagnostic testing of cycle times, drift rates and pump flow, give you the inside story on your hydraulic system.

Customized Agreements

Cashman offers an extensive list of services to support a customized, total solution for your equipment management needs.

• Scheduling
• Inspections
• Planned repairs
• Prevent failures
• Catch problems when they’re small
• Record-keeping
• Maintenance Control System software
• Maintenance Planning software
• Inventory control and management
• Increased productivity
• Improved profitability

Customer Support Agreement FAQ

Q Are CSAs only available on new Cat equipment?
A No, we cover new or used machines, and CSAs can be purchased for brands other than Cat.
Q If I already own a machine, can I still get a CSA?
Q How do I know the CSA will work for my company?
A In addition to offering several CSA options, Cashman can also customize for any machine in your fleet.
Q Are CSAs set for one, two, or three years?
A Cashman will create an agreement that fits your needs. The intent of a CSA is to provide an agreement that maximizes equipment efficiency based on the exact details of your machine usage.
Q What services are covered?
A Depending on the CSA, Cashman can take care of all preventive maintenance services and repairs for a given number of hours, per the contract. Maintenance can be performed either in shop or via field service within Cashman’s territory. With a CSA, Cashman performs all preventive maintenance on your machine at the required PM intervals.
Q What are the advantages of Cashman’s service?
A Our technicians are Cat Certified. We use the most current diagnostic equipment for fast and accurate troubleshooting and provide the best parts support possible. We also have field service technicians available.
Q How much money can I save with a CSA?
A Anyone who uses and operates equipment understands the need to have it serviced. Consider the time and costs associated with reducing overhead, maximizing equipment performance, and improving resale value. Depending on fleet size, these costs could easily amount to thousands, if not millions, of dollars annually.