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New Compactors

New Cat® Compactors for Sale in Nevada and the Eastern Sierras

From moving materials at landfills to rolling freshly poured asphalt smooth on roads and construction sites, compactors are an essential piece of equipment for a variety of local businesses. If you're looking for a source of high-quality heavy machinery in the region, Cashman Equipment is the local Cat dealership you can rely on. We carry an extensive selection of new Cat® compactors for sale, along with everything else you need to maximize productivity and increase your bottom line.

When you shop our selection of Cat compactors or any of other our other products and services, you benefit from an experienced company dedicated to meeting your needs for over 85 years. We offer convenient locations to buy new equipment throughout our service territory. All of our stores are staffed with knowledgeable and professional sales, service, and support representatives dedicated to your 100% satisfaction.

Cashman Equipment is the exclusive source for the new lineup of Cat compactors with a variety of models in stock. We carry landfill compactors, soil compactors, and vibratory soil compactors as well as pneumatic rollers and tandem vibratory rollers. Whether you have jobs that call for compaction of natural soils and materials with lime or cement or that require large double-drum units to maximize compaction efficiency, you're sure to find a solution that meets your needs.

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815K Soil Compactor
816K Landfill Compactor
825K Soil Compactor
826K Landfill Compactor
836K Landfill Compactor
CB1.7 Utility Roller
CB1.8 Utility Roller
CB10 Split Drum Vibratory Roller
CB10 Tandem Vibratory Roller
CB22B Utility Compactor
CB24B Utility Compactor
CB24B XT Utility Compactor
CB32B Utility Compactor
CB34B Utility Compactor
CB36B Utility Compactor
CB44B Tandem Vibratory Roller (Solid Drum)
CB44B Tandem Vibratory Roller (Split Drum)
CB54B Tandem Vibratory Roller (Solid Drum)
CB54B Tandem Vibratory Roller (Split Drum)
CB64B Tandem Roller
CB66B Tandem Roller
CB68 Vibratory Asphalt Compactors
CB7 Tandem Roller
CB8 Tandem Vibratory Roller
CC24B Utility Compactor
CC34B Utility Compactor
CCS7 Smooth Drum Vibratory Combination Compactor
CCS9 Smooth Drum Combination Vibratory Compactor
CD10 Solid Drum Vibratory Roller
CD44B Drum Steer Tandem Vibratory Roller (Solid Drum)
CD44B Drum Steer Tandem Vibratory Roller (Split Drum)
CD54B Drum Steer Tandem Vibratory Roller (Solid Drum)
CD54B Drum Steer Tandem Vibratory Roller (Split Drum)
CD8 - Solid Drum
CD8 - Split Drum
CP44B Vibratory Soil Compactor
CP54B Vibratory Soil Compactor
CP56B Vibratory Soil Compactor
CP68B Vibratory Soil Compactor
CP74B Vibratory Soil Compactor
CS34 Vibratory Soil Compactor
CS44B Vibratory Soil Compactor
CS54B Vibratory Soil Compactor
CS56B Vibratory Soil Compactor
CS64B Vibratory Soil Compactor
CS68B Vibratory Soil Compactor
CS74B Vibratory Soil Compactor
CS78B Vibratory Soil Compactor
CV16B Vibratory Drum Compactor
CV18B Vibratory Compactor
CVP16 Vibratory Plate Compactor
CVP40 Vibratory Plate Compactor
CW16 Pneumatic Roller
CW34 Pneumatic Roller

About Cat Compactors

There are many advantages of investing in a compactor manufactured by Caterpillar®, such as smooth-operating and fuel-efficient engines and powertrains, industry-leading comfortable cabs, precision controls. Cat compactors are easy to service and maintain, helping you to extend its service life affordably. Advanced onboard technologies allow for superior compaction control to help you get more done in less time with improved results.

Why Buy New Compactors?

Buying a new compactor makes good sense when you're looking for a machine capable of offering state-of-the-art performance and the latest innovative technologies. Our new Cat compactors for sale are protected by excellent warranty coverage and are available with extended plans and insurance options. As your local Cat dealer, Cashman Equipment stands by the new machines we sell with excellent after-sale support and technical assistance.

If a new solution isn't the best fit, we also carry a diverse used compactor inventory. We carry well-maintained models capable of handling your most robust applications at a reduced price point. Get in touch with us for the latest used equipment availability.

Cashman Equipment Is Your Partner for New Compactors in Nevada and Beyond

Our local experience and dedication to service ensure we understand your industries and the challenges you face every day. We're focused on saving you time and money by serving as a single source for sales, rentals, parts, hose and couplings, technology, service, pumps, and power system solutions. Whether you work in road building and maintenance, contracting, construction, or any other rugged industry, we'll go the extra mile to ensure your success.

Visit our locations page to find the Cashman Equipment in your area, and get in touch for more information and to get a free quote. You can submit our online contact form or call 800-937-2326 to request assistance from a live representative.

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