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Compact Track Loaders

New Cat® Compact Track Loaders for Sale

Do you need a reliable, hard-working earthmoving machine with a lighter build to maneuver over less stable terrain? Cat compact track loaders are designed to provide even weight distribution throughout the undercarriage for enhanced traction and flotation. When combined with their lighter weight and smaller footprint, compact track loaders offer the perfect alternative to heavier, bulkier machines when navigating challenging underfoot conditions.

The Cat brand name is synonymous with superior performance and productivity, and the compact track loader is no exception.

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Cashman Equipment Offers Brand-New Cat Compact Track Loaders for Sale in Nevada

The only place you will find a new Cat compact track loader for sale in Nevada is at Cashman Equipment. We’re the exclusive Cat equipment dealer for the entire state as well as the Eastern Sierras region of California. We carry the entire line of new Cat compact track loaders, which offers a wide range of power options, allowing you to choose the model that’s best suited to your unique work environments.

You’ll also find the compact track loader’s cousin, the multi-terrain loader, is equipped with a rubber-track undercarriage that provides the lower pressure required when working on more delicate ground conditions.

Compact Track Loader Applications

You can buy a compact track loader or multi-terrain loader that’s designed for specific ground conditions and applications. Primary applications include general construction, agriculture, landscaping, and road work. Choose a machine that is ideally suited for sensitive surfaces, slopes, sandy or muddy surfaces, or snow-covered areas.

The 257D Multi-Terrain Loader has extended reach and lift height so you can quickly load trucks with materials. This machine is known for its easy serviceability, with a rear engine hatch for quick fixes you can make right in the field. Your operators will love the suspended undercarriage system that gives them a higher degree of comfort while also leading to better bucket material retention.

Your Cashman Equipment sales specialist can help you select the right compact track loader or multi-terrain loader for your work projects. You can learn more about our new Cat compact track loaders by getting a free quote today from one of our knowledgeable staff members.

Key Compact Loader Features and Benefits

New compact track loaders include a wide variety of advanced features that enable you to increase productivity and efficiency while lowering your operating costs. The combination of the suspended undercarriage with the Speed Sensitive Ride Control System improves ride stability and enhances load retention when traversing rugged terrain.

Plus, the comfortable, ergonomically designed cab keeps operators fresh and productive throughout the long work day. Cat compact track loaders are also compatible with numerous work tool attachments that will increase your machine’s versatility and add value to your company.

Should I Buy New or Used?

Purchasing a new Cat compact track loader is an investment that will build on your growing fleet. However, buying a used machine is a cost-effective measure if you want to stay ahead of the competition and save money. At Cashman Equipment, we offer used machines as well as new so our customers can choose the best option for them.

It's important to note that newer Cat models have features not available in older models. Some features that come standard in today's compact track loaders are extras in older versions, such as the suspended undercarriage system. Newer models are also more fuel-efficient, which can help you save operating costs in the long run. Plus, a more modern machine will have a longer life than a used piece of equipment that may have been used for hundreds of hours already.

Choosing Cashman Equipment

We're committed to our customers and helping their businesses grow with the right equipment. We're more than just a Cat dealer — at our core, we're a small business like yours. At Cashman Equipment, we provide valuable customer service, parts replacement, power and technology solutions, as well as continued service for your existing Cat equipment. Contact us today to learn more about which new Cat Compact Track Loader is best for you.

Get a Closer Look at the Latest Cat Compact Track Loaders

If you’re ready to buy a new compact track loader or multi-terrain loader, stop by the nearest Cashman Equipment location in Nevada for an up-close look. You can also request a quote for additional product and pricing information.

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