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Electric Power Generation

Cat® Electric Power Generation Equipment for Sale

Your business can't afford a day off. Cashman Equipment is your Nevada headquarters for reliable electric power generation equipment that will never leave you in the dark. With Cat electric power generation equipment, you don't have to worry. You'll never have to worry about losing power, or profits, again.

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3412C Generator Set
3512 Generator Set
3512 Generator Set
3512 with Upgradeable Package
3512B (50 Hz) Generator Set
3512B (50 Hz) India Market Only
3512B Diesel Generator Set
3512B Diesel Generator Set
3512C Generator Set
3512C Generator Set
3516 Diesel Generator Set
3516 Diesel Generator Set
3516B (50 Hz) Generator Set
3516B (50 Hz) India Market Only
3516B (60 Hz) with Upgradeable Package
3516B Generator Set
3516B Generator Set
3516B Generator Set
3516C (50 Hz) with Upgradeable Package
3516C Generator Set
3516C Generator Set
3516C Tier 4 Final
3516E Generator Set
3516E Generator Set
3516E Low Voltage Generator Set
3516E Low Voltage Generator Set
3606 Generator Set (Medium Speed)
3608 Generator Set (Medium Speed)
3612 Generator Set (Medium Speed)
3616 Generator Set (Medium Speed)
ATC Contactor Based Bypass Isolation Automatic Transfer Switch
ATC Contactor-Based Automatic Transfer Switch
ATC Molded Case Circuit Breaker & Molded Case Switch Automatic Transfer Switch
ATC Power Breaker & Case Switch Automatic Transfer Switch
ATC Power Breaker Bypass Isolation Open/Closed Transition Automatic Transfer Switch
ATC Service Entrance Rated MCCB & Power Breaker Based ATS
C1.1 Generator Set
C1.5 Generator Set
C13 (50 Hz) India Market Only
C13 (50 Hz) China Non Road
C13 Generator Set
C13 Generator Set
C15 (50 Hz) India Market Only
C15 (50 Hz) China Non Road
C15 Generator Set
C15 Generator Set
C175-16 Generator Set
C175-16 Tier 4 Final
C18 (50 Hz) India Market Only
C18 Generator Set
C18 Generator Set
C18 Generator Set
C2.2 Generator Set
C27 Generator Set
C3.3 Generator Set
C3.3 Generator Set
C32 (50 Hz) India Market Only
C32 (60 Hz)
C32 Generator Set
C4.4 Generator Set
C4.4 Generator Set
C7.1 Generator Set
C9 Generator Set
C9 Generator Set
Cat Customizable Switchgear and Controls
Cat EGP Switchgear
Cat Switchgear
Cat XLM Switchgear
Cat® Microgrid Master Controller (MMC-M)
CG132B-12 Gas Generator Set
CG132B-8 Gas Generator Set
CG170 Gas Generator Set
CG170-12 Gas Generator Set
CG170-12 KGas Generator Set
CG170-20 Gas Generator Set
CG170-20B Gas Generator Set
CG260 Gas Generator Set
CG260-16 Gas Generator Set
CM20C Generator Set
CM25E Generator Set
CM43C (Inline)
CM43C (V-Type)
CM46DF (Inline)
CM46DF (V-Type)
CTE Series Automatic Transfer Switch
CTG Series Automatic Transfer Switch
CTGSE & CTGDSE Series Service Rated Entrance Rated Automatic Transfer Switch
CTS Series Automatic Transfer Switch
CTSM and CTGM Series Manual Transfer Switches
CTX Series Automatic Transfer Switch
D250 GC (60 Hz) Generator Set
D300 GC (60 Hz) Generator Set
D350 GC (60 Hz) Generator Set
D400 GC (60 Hz) Generator Set
D450 GC (60 Hz) Generator Set
D500 GC (60 Hz) Generator Set
D550 GC (60 Hz) Generator Set
D600 GC (60 Hz) Generator Set
DE1100 GC
DE150 GC Generator Set (50 Hz)
DE150 GC Generator Set (60 Hz)
DE165 GC Generator Set (50 Hz)
DE165 GC Generator Set (60 Hz)
DE200 GC Generator Set (50 Hz)
DE200 GC Generator Set (60 Hz)
DE220 GC Generator Set
DE33 GC Generator Set (50 Hz)
DE33 GC Generator Set (60 Hz)
DE400 GC Generator Set
DE50 GC Generator Set (50 Hz)
DE50 GC Generator Set (60 Hz)
DE55 GC Generator Set (50 Hz)
DE55 GC Generator Set (60 Hz)
DE65 GC Generator Set (50 Hz)
DE65 GC Generator Set (60 Hz)
DE88 GC Generator Set (50 Hz)
DE88 GC Generator Set (60 Hz)
DG100-2 (3 Phase)
DG100-2S (Single Phase)
DG125-2 (3 Phase)
DG150-2 (3 Phase)
DG175-2 (3 phase)
DG175-2 (Single-phase)
DG200-2 (3 phase)
DG200-2S (Single-phase)
DG230-2 (3 phase)
DG250-2 (3 phase)
DG275-2 (3 phase)
DG300-2 (3 phase)
DG350-2 (Single-phase)
DG400-2 (Three phase)
DG450-2 (Single-phase)
DG50-2 (3 Phase)
DG50-2 (Single Phase)
DG60-2 (3 Phase)
DG60-2 (Single Phase)
DG80-2 (3 Phase)
DG80-2 (Single Phase)
EMCP 4.4 Master Control Panel
Emergency Transfer Load manager
Energy Time Shift Module
Engine Paralleling and Integration Control (EPIC)
G3406 Gas Generator Set
G3412 Gas Generator Set
G3412 Gas Generator Set
G3512 1000kW Gas Generator Set
G3512 750kW Gas Generator Set
G3512E Gas Generator Set
G3516C Gas Generator Set
G3520 2000kW Gas Generator Set
G3520 2500kW Gas Generator Set
G3520C Gas Generator
G3520E Gas Generator Set
G3520H Gas Generator
Gas Generator CG132B-16
Gas Generator G3512H
Gas Generator G3516A
Gas Generator G3516B
Gas Generator G3516H
Grid Stability Module
MX150 Microprocessor Controller
MX250 Microprocessor Controller
MX350 Controller
Photovoltaic Module PVC
Photovoltaic Module PVC
Photovoltaic Module PVC
Photovoltaic Module PVC
Temporary Connection Boxes
XG135 - Natural Gas
XG400 - Natural Gas
XQ125 Rental Power
XQ230 Rental Power
XQP1100 Rental Generator Set
XQP30 - Diesel

Types of Power Equipment

We offer solutions for large or small spaces in urban or rural environments. At Cashman Equipment, we have portable generator sets and stationary generator sets in gas or electric versions. We also carry automatic transfer switches, switchgear, and controllers to meet all of your power generation needs.

Your industry and daily operations all play a role in which power generation system you should purchase. Our sales team can work with you to help you decide which equipment and controllers are right for you. Here are a few of our products that can meet your power generation needs:

  • Portable Generator Sets: A portable generator offers power when you need it, whether you're at home or work. You can safely transport it in a vehicle and it's great in emergency situations when you need to keep your key appliances running.
  • Stationary Generator Sets: Our stationary or commercial generators are a good option for your business. Cat stationary gensets are reliable, providing continuous power for plants, information technology providers, hospitals, government entities and more.
  • Gas Generator Sets: Cat offers a wide range of gas generator sets, including natural gas-fueled combined heat and power (CHP) systems and emergency power for facilities. There's also renewable biogas energy or electricity generated from coal mine gases. It's key for power plants that need to run all day long.
  • Electric Generator Sets: Our electric generator sets provide reliable power to help your prime applications run continuously. For example, Cat 3512 Diesel Generator Sets can produce reliable power from 1000 to 1400 kVA at 50 Hz. Plus, it's designed for fuel efficiency and low operating costs, to help you save money.
  • Automatic Transfer Switches: Automatic transfer switches are flexible, reliable, and compact, while serving a variety of standby power applications.
  • Switchgear: Cat switchgear products meet your specific project needs by combining all elements of monitoring and control for your Cat generator sets. You can even design custom switchgear based on your business requirements.
  • Controllers: Your Cat controllers are the heart of your power generator set. For example, the Cat MX350 controller has integrated push buttons, graphical controls, and LED indicators that give you control over system information.

Choose from an assortment of brand-name power generation products from Cat, ensuring superior quality and long-lasting performance. You’ll also experience the legendary service that has made Cashman Equipment the leading heavy equipment solutions provider in Reno, Elko, Las Vegas, and throughout Nevada for more than 85 years.

New Power Generators for Sale

Our selection of generators can meet any electrical power requirement and regulatory environment. We feature gas- and diesel-powered generators in a wide range of sizes, configurations, and power output capacities. You’ll find the ideal generator for your primary, standby, or emergency power generation needs.

We also offer towable portable generators that can serve as a reliable power source at your remote jobsites. New Cat generators are designed for fast and easy installation, maximum fuel efficiency, and compliance with today’s stringent emissions guidelines.

Other Power System Options

While generators serve as the foundation of a comprehensive power generation system, there are other components required for full system functionality.

We carry a large assortment of switchgear and paralleling controls for monitoring and controlling generator operation, uninterrupted power supply (UPS) units to ensure an efficient continuous power solution, and automatic transfer switches that deliver a smooth transition of the power load to a backup generator or other power source upon failure of the primary source.

Electric Power Generation Equipment in Nevada

Cashman Equipment has been Nevada and the Eastern Sierra's Cat dealer for more than 85 years. We have over 700 trained professionals who can help you with anything from sales to service questions. Get a free quote today about new Cat electric power generation equipment. You can also visit one of our nine different locations to see which generator set is best for you.

Complete Power Generation System Design Capabilities

If you’re looking to design your own power system, our informative Designer’s Database is an invaluable tool that can make the process so much easier. You’ll get access to documents that allow you to plug in your own numbers for the various power system components. You’ll have all the information you need to create a customized power system that meets your facility’s unique power generation requirements.

Our knowledgeable representatives are available to provide expert guidance every step of the way.

Browse Our Complete Electric Power Generation Equipment Inventory

If you’re ready to buy a generator or other power system component for your NV company, a great way to get starting is by reviewing our informative online product descriptions. And feel free to request a quote today for additional product details and a no-obligation quote.

You’re also invited to stop by a Cashman Equipment dealer location near you for an in-person look. Our knowledgeable heavy equipment sales staff will be happy to assist you!

We understand what it takes to keep your business running smoothly, and we want to help with a new Cat generator set. Contact us today for additional information about what equipment is right for you.

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