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Cat UTVs

The Cat Utility Vehicles (UTV) are built tough to meet the demands of the most rugged jobsites. Fill out the form below for more information. PUTTING THE YOU IN UTV.

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Cat UTVs Are Here & Ready To Work For You

Not everyone is cut out for the work you do. And you deserve a side-by-side vehicle that can keep up with your pace. That’s why Caterpillar® engineered its first-ever Cat Utility Vehicles (UTVs), including 2- and 4-seat models, starting at $14,999. The new UTVs offer the superior quality you expect from Caterpillar, including rugged durability, comfortable operation, and simple maintenance. On top of that, these vehicles come backed by unmatched support and service from Cashman Equipment. Putting the You in UTV. Click the link below to request a quote, or call us at 702-602-6963 to learn more. UTVs are in stock and ready to start your next job today. DOWNLOAD THE SPEC SHEET.


Side-By-Side Utility Vehicles Designed for Work

These new Cat UTVs efficiently complete hauling tasks, quickly maneuvering over rugged terrain powered by a 0.8 L 3-cylinder gasoline engine delivering 50 hp. The CUV102 D is powered by a 1.0 L 3-cylinder diesel engine delivering 25 hp. Features such as smooth acceleration, clear sightlines, and engine braking capability make the Cat UTV well suited for hauling and towing. The intuitive column shifter allows the driver to maneuver through all the gears easily.

Both models feature a continuously variable transmission tuned specifically for work applications, including smooth transitions, and the ability to handle loads. The choice of 2-wheel drive, 4-wheel drive or 4-wheel drive/lock modes permits the driver to match vehicle drive to ground conditions.

2-Seat Cat Utility Vehicles: Stable Under Load and Comfortable

The CUV82 and CUV102 D boast a 4-wheel independent suspension system with a front sway bar, providing unmatched stability at full load. A long swing-arm suspension and custom tuned springs and shocks, provide a balance between a smooth ride and handling loads. Ample ground clearance ensures these vehicles will navigate rough terrain with ease. The CUV82 and CUV102 D comfortably seat two riders side-by-side with ample leg, elbow, and headroom for tall operators.

Quiet, Comfortable Operation

The Cat UTV is built for quiet and comfortable operation all day long. The design minimizes noise and vibration while driving for a smoother ride. The seats are cut and sewn for comfort and durability.

Furthermore, the driver seat position and the steering wheel are adjustable to ensure a comfortable fit. Ample behind the seat storage and a document holder provide space for personal items and gear. The passenger seat base can be removed and stowed behind the seat to provide extra floor space for larger items.

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4-Seat Cat Utility Vehicles Provide Extra Passenger Space

If you need a little more space for transporting passengers, the 4-seat Cat UTVs will provide the ideal solution. Available models include:

  • CUV85: This gas-powered utility vehicle from Caterpillar features a solidly built steel cargo bed to handle your heaviest loads. And with a total rear cargo capacity of an impressive 1,000 pounds, you can fit a lot of equipment, tools, gear, and whatever else you need to haul with ease. The CUV85 can also navigate rough terrain at speeds of up 45 mph while maintaining its exceptional maneuverability. The one-ton towing capacity allows you to haul additional items around your worksites.
  • CUV105 D: The CUV105 D includes a 3-cylinder diesel engine that can achieve a top speed of 25 mph. It also provides the same robust hauling and towing capacity as its CUV85 cousin. You'll experience outstanding performance, handling, and fuel economy in all types of work and recreational applications.

Easy to Operate and Customize

Driving ease and comfort are hallmarks of the new Cat UTV experience. Standard electric power steering offers superior handling and tight turning capabilities. An instrument gauge enables easy viewing of critical operating information, including ground speed, engine speed, operating hours, odometer, battery voltage, engine temperature, and fuel level.

More than 50 accessory options are available so customers can customize their Cat UTV to meet their specific work needs. Multiple cab options with sealed surfaces on the ROPS provide a weather-tight enclosure. Other offerings include snow plows, heater, front winch, and powered bed dump. The Cat UTV is pre-wired for quick do-it-yourself installation of all of these options.

Cat Utility Vehicles Are the Ideal Companion for Work and Much More

Utility vehicles from Caterpillar are invaluable assets on the worksite — and there's also beneficial when you're away from the job. Examples of their many uses include:

  • Hauling tools, equipment, materials and supplies around the jobsite
  • Enabling workers to get from point A to point B quickly and efficiently
  • Allowing supervisors to monitor worker activities over a wide area
  • Helping landscapers navigate effortlessly around worksites featuring rough, uneven terrain
  • Towing additional materials and equipment as needed
  • Traversing mountain trails while hauling hunting, camping, or fishing equipment and supplies
  • Transporting guests comfortably around large-acreage properties
  • Performing groundskeeping and maintenance tasks on larger commercial properties and golf courses
  • Meeting transportation needs while staying at a vacation cabin
  • Assisting in lawn cutting and snow removal activities via the implementation of various work tool attachments
  • Hauling materiels and tools on farms and ranches

Easy Service, Unmatched Dealer Support

Easy access service points simplify vehicle maintenance, while advanced onboard diagnostics reduce troubleshooting time. Above all, the Cat CUV82, CUV102 D, CUV85, and CUV105 D are backed by unmatched service and support from the participating Cat UTV dealers. Participating Cat UTV dealers can help with anything from simple maintenance questions to accessory selection to on-site support. These UTV models will be sold throughout the United States and Canada by participating Cat UTV dealers and will be available for rent from participating Cashman Rental Store.

Cashman Equipment: Your One-Stop Source for Cat UTVs in Nevada and the Eastern Sierras

As an authorized Cat dealer in Nevada since 1931, Cashman Equipment carries a wide selection of new utility vehicles from Caterpillar. Our knowledgeable sales team will be happy to show you all of the brand-new models for sale and help you make an informed buying decision. You can also count on us to deliver the world-class service and support that has been the foundation of our company's success for more than 85 years. Feel free to give us a call at 702-602-6963 or stop by one of our convenient locations for a closer look. You can also contact us online for more information.