Why Should I Use Cat Genuine Parts?

Published on June 5, 2020

Using the right parts will help prolong the life of your heavy equipment. That’s why it’s vital to use high-quality parts when repairing your machines – parts for your Cat machine or other brands.

We often get questions from our customers on why they should use genuine Cat parts. Here are some of the most common questions answered for you!

FAQ on Cat Genuine Parts

Question: Why should I buy Cat parts when aftermarket alternatives perform the same in terms of fit and function, reliability, and performance but at a lower price?
Answer: Non-genuine parts do not consistently meet Caterpillar’s specifications, resulting in a risk of those parts contributing to premature failures. This can result in costly, unplanned repairs and unexpected equipment downtime.

Question: What is the big deal about Cat Genuine Parts anyways? Parts are parts, right?
Answer: Cat parts are constructed of top-quality materials, built to exact original specifications by our engineers and rigorously tested to ensure maximum performance.

Question: Why does my Cashman rep always recommend Cat parts?
Answer: Cat parts are precisely matched to other Cat components for an exact fit to deliver greater reliability, durability and longer life.

Question: Will I be able to get any part I need?
Answer: We maintain the largest inventory of replacement parts in the industry to ensure the best possible availability. You can receive your parts either same day or next day most anywhere you work.

Question: Do Cat Genuine Parts come with a warranty?
Answer: Cat parts come with a 12-month warranty backed by Caterpillar and supported by Cashman Equipment and all other Cat dealerships.

Question: I have followed Caterpillar’s maintenance recommendations. Why should I be interested in purchasing a Cat Remanufactured product when I don’t know the previous owner’s maintenance practices on this critical component?
Answer: Multiple repair options exist depending upon your repair need. The factory remanufactured processes return all products to a “same as new” performance even if some parts need to be replaced with new.

Question: I can buy the same product from Caterpillar’s supplier, so why should I pay more for a Cat stamp?
Answer: Caterpillar guarantees fit and function and will cover all parts and related labor costs for defects in material and workmanship. Caterpillar follows a rigorous process of quality control unmatched by other competitors. Cat parts are designed to work as a system.

Question: For example – why should I buy Cat fuel injectors when there are others available at a fraction of the cost?
Answer: We have examined and tested aftermarket injectors and found that many injectors will not pass our performance tests. We’ve also found worn out parts as well as non-Cat parts were used when they were rebuilt. This, along with excessive corrosion and a lack of cleanliness, can lead to short injector life and poor performance.

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