Service Tips

Published on March 23, 2017
Get a Good Oil Sample

The purity of the oil sample you send to Cashman is vital for detecting potential problems. In order for your technicians to extract the fluids in a contamination-free manner, we recommend you follow the step-by-step Cat Oil Sample Guidelines.

Hydraulics Contamination

Always carefully examine your hydraulics. If you see an oil ring on the cylinder or dirt stuck to the seal, these could be signs you have a small oil leak. Don’t ignore it! Oil getting out means dirt is getting in. By fixing hydraulic leaks immediately, you’ll save a great deal of time and money by preventing your entire hydraulic oil system from being contaminated. Need to know more about effective hydraulics system management? Click Here for Cat Hydraulic Systems Information.

Hose Rub

Do you examine your hoses during your daily machine walk-around? You should! Carefully examine your hoses for “rubbing” or spots where a layer of the hose has worn away. This weakened area could break at any time, which would create a hazardous situation on the job site, to both the environment and your employees. Avoid oil spills and out-of-control machines by carefully inspecting all hoses.


Are you using Cashman’s SIS Web application? If you’re signed up to Parts.Cat.Com, you should be taking advantage of this free service! It provides technical info and parts manuals, automatically updated by Cat on a daily basis. Need more info on SIS Web? Email us!

PM Intervals

Scheduling timely planned maintenance (PM) services helps minimize downtime and boosts productivity by putting you in control of repairs and maintenance. Consult your Operation and Maintenance Manual (OMM) for your machine’s ideal PM intervals.

Reusable Hose Couplings

The unique two-piece design of the Cat Reusable Couplings for XT Hoses can save you an average of 30% or more off the cost of assemblies with permanent couplings. They’re also guaranteed against failure. Read on more information on Reusable Hose Couplings.

Air Filter Indicators

Want to get 100% life from your Cat air filter? Use the Cat Air Filter Service Indicator to get an accurate reading of how much life remains in your filter. By eliminating over- or under-servicing, you get the lowest possible cost per hour from your machine.


Experiencing excessive component wear, such as galling or scaring? Try a Cat grease better suited to higher temperatures, like Cat Ultra 5Moly (-22 ° to 122° F) or Cat Desert Gold Grease (-4° to 140° F).