Equipment To Increase Landscaping/Hardscaping Productivity

Published on July 7, 2017

It’s summer and that means outdoor living for most people. Pool parties, barbeques, and generally enjoying the sunshine… until they realize their backyard isn’t as nice as the Jones’ next door. Suddenly, they are calling their local landscaping company to see what it would cost to install a new patio, finally get a pool, add an outdoor kitchen, or a plethora of other hardscaping projects.

The possibilities might be endless, but every landscape/hardscape customer will need site prep work. Whether it’s digging a new pool or leveling and compacting soil for a beautifully designed paver patio, you’ll need affordable landscaping/hardscaping equipment that will get the job done right the first time. Check out these 38 different landscaping/hardscaping equipment solutions that will streamline your jobs and increase your productivity.

Cat Mini Excavators

300.9, 302.7, 303.5, 305.5 (most popular for pool digging), 308 (for larger landscaping)
Ideal for digging ponds and pools, Cashman has mini excavators that are strong enough to get the job done, but small enough to go through side gates into the backyard (36” widths). Once it’s in the backyard, the Cat Mini Excavator’s tracks expand to provide additional stability regardless of terrain. A Cat Mini Ex also frees up your crew – rather than three employees digging a hole, they can be installing pavers or planting trees.

Cat Mini Ex Attachments

Buckets for digging and backfilling dirt, gravel, etc.
Hammers for breaking up concrete, hard soil / caliche, ice, etc.
Augers to efficiently extract soil for post hole digging, tree planting, etc.
Vibratory Plate Compactor (CVP16) to pack soil fast with high-power pulses.

Cat Skid Steer Loaders

226, 236, 246, 262, 272
Cat Skid Steer Loaders will exceed your expectations for productivity and dependability on your larger land development projects. When you are landscaping/hardscaping new homes, Cat SSLs will carry large palm trees and vegetation wherever you need it as well as remove type 2 material coming off the land. Cat Skid Steers will work hard for you, but are very easy to service with convenient access for filter changes, hydraulic line replacements, etc.

Cat Skid Steer Loader Attachments

Forks for lifting pallets of pavers; counterweights included to prevent tippage when moving double pallets of pavers.
Brooms for cleaning up dirt and other debris on pavers, sidewalks, or streets
Hammers for breaking up concrete, hard soil / caliche, ice, etc.
Augers to efficiently extract soil for post hole digging, tree planting, etc.

Cat Compact Track Loader

259, 279, 289, 299
Cat Compact Track Loaders are ideally suited to working outdoors in Nevada’s harsh environment. With wide tracks and more durable undercarriage, these machines are ready to work in parks and other small areas where stability in a compact space is important.

Cat Skip Loaders

415 IL
The Cat 415 IL Skip Loader is what you need for grading the big picture. When you’re smoothing out berms or around the corners of houses, the skip loader’s gannon box easily and efficiently takes care of any uneven surface, prepping it for the next stage of your landscaping/hardscaping project.

Cat Backhoe Loaders

The 420F2 Cat Backhoe Loader is great for spreading mulching and material handling, as well as digging holes for planters and smaller box trees. You can also use the boom for harnessing off the tree to plant it. The Cat backhoe is also ideal for removing vegetation from one location and transporting it to be replanted in another place.

Cat Telehandlers

TL642, TL943, TL1055, TL1255
The Cat Telehandlers are perfect for using with a bucket in order to get to areas that are hard to reach, such as 20 feet further out. The stability and maneuverability of the telehandlers also allows landscapers to use them for carrying 60” box trees / palms.

Water Trucks

2K & 4K
Cashman’s water trucks for rent will let landscapers water any pre-irrigation areas, as well as keep dust under control.

Dump Trucks

5 yard & 10 yard
When you have to haul mulch to the jobsite or move out a bunch of caliche, these 5yd and 10yd dump trucks can handle it. Cashman’s dump trucks also come equipped with a pintle hitch so landscapers can easily haul a trailer of small equipment when necessary.

Small Compactors

CB14, CB22, CB24, CB34
Cat Small Compactors are the tools you need when laying sod or artificial turf down. Whether its on the golf course or in a back yard, compactors will get the ground solidly compacted so you can laydown the weed-block material and laydown your nice green lawn.

Cat Track-Type Tractors

Smaller Cat dozers are generally used to push slopes for vegetation planting and/or to spread wood mulch in the landscaping arena. They are also a good solution for rough grade application for forming pathways for parks.

Cashman Rental also offers aerial equipment for palm tree trimming: Scissor lifts 19-50’ and boom lifts 40’-185’.

Cashman has a wide variety of landscaping / hardscaping equipment available; call one of our knowledgeable sales or rental representatives at 1.800.937.2326 for more information.