Four-Part Contamination Control: Part 1, Clean Fluids

Contamination Control: Clean Fluids

Previously, we talked about the four parts of a good contamination control program – clean fluids, clean components, clean facilities, and clean shop repair processes. Today, we want to share some best practices for clean fluids.

Clean Fluids
– Keep oil barrels indoors where they won’t get rusty or dirty and protect them with a cover so rain and dust cannot enter the drum when the cap is removed.
– Always wipe off fluid container lids (jugs, cans, etc.) with a clean shop towel before opening.

– Filter all fluids before they go into your machines, as the oils may have picked up contaminants during transport.

– Never pre-fill lube oil or fuel system filters, which can introduce potentially dirty fluid directly into the system because it misses the final filtering process.

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